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Published: 18 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Why do you read self-help books?

To improve your life, right? What if the book doesn’t help you? What if, it ends up increasing your confusion regarding the subject and waste your time?

That’s what happened to me when I read ‘Making Work Work’ by our beloved Shola Richards. This guy claims to be a leader of some positivity movement which is supposed to transform the work culture of future corporations. At least, that’s how he markets himself. The truth is way different than that. I was unfortunate enough to have two different encounters with this guy and each of those encounters taught me a valuable lesson – STAY AWAY FROM SHOLA RICHARDS!

The market is filled with self-help gurus. Everyone is giving you advice on some aspect of your life and claiming to be an expert. I won’t say that the entire industry is a sham. There are certainly a few people who are giving out genuine advice to others and improving their lives. However, there are some others, who are exploiting the system and taking advantage of innocent people. Unfortunately, the quantity of the people who really want to help others is very low in comparison to the people who just care about your money and give you nonsensical advice. Moreover, it’s very difficult to figure out which one is which. The imposters market themselves harder in comparison to the genuine ones. And because they are nothing but a bunch of scammers, they also have more marketing funds. With the help of those funds, they can easily outshine the honest guys. Due to this, you don’t get to see honest and genuine experts and end up buying content from some self-proclaimed messiah.

Shola is one such guy who is taking advantage of other people’s trust. He doesn’t care about your well-being or your work culture. He just wants you to spread positivity and, by positivity, I mean his name. He is in the industry with the sole purpose of making money for himself and for that, he can go to any extent.

Who is Shola Richards?

If you haven’t heard of the guy yet, you’re in luck that you came across this article. You won’t have to worry about getting scammed by him. Shola Richards doesn’t share anything specific about him in his bio, apart from the fact that he is the father of two daughters.

If you’d read his bio, you’d realize how cheesy a person can really be. You’ll only get to read a story about how one day he quit his job and started working as a consultant and speaker. He doesn’t give you any other details because they aren’t related to his story.

And every scammer needs a story. People fall for stories like these where a guy snapped and transformed his entire life. That stuff only happens in the movies but scammers claim that it’s happened to them and others fall for it. He even calls himself ‘Brother Teresa’ on his website. If you don’t know, it’s a hilarious mention of Nobel Laureate Mother Teresa.

My Review of Making Work Work

So I read Making Work Work and it’s all about having a positive work culture. But the book doesn’t give you any practical or concrete advice. It just tells you that there’s something wrong in your offices and that too in a weird way. The author doesn’t sound like a guru but more like a priest and that’s more irritating.

Every book has a message or a takeaway. Making Work Work tells you that your office should be a bit more positive but it doesn’t throw light on anything that can make your office more positive. Imagine a politician’s speech which barely touches the subject matter. Now add some fluff to that speech and voila! You get Making Work Work. I had bought this book at a bookstore thinking that it will change my outlook about work or do something of that sort. The writing style is bland and offensive. In fact, the writer is telling you to kill yourself at a point. That’s a little over the top, don’t you think? Moreover, the blandness of Shola’s writing makes the book more painful. You go through a few sections and you end up regretting your choice.

When I started reading Making Work Work, I was really bored by it. But I thought the feeling would go away and the book will start saying something helpful or give me some good advice.

I finished the entire book but there wasn’t anything helpful at all. When I finished the book, I felt mad and disappointed. I was mad at Shola because the book was supposed to be good while it wasn’t. And I was disappointed in myself for picking up this piece of junk. The hours I had wasted on reading this book, I can never regain them. And don’t forget the money I spent on it. For some time, I thought it was a big mistake on my part. I was blaming myself because I hadn’t read any reviews of this book. But the guilt went away within a few days when I looked up the reviews of Making Work Work.

I have to say, Shola is running an impressive scam. There aren’t many reviews to this ‘so-called’ popular book. And all of them are vaguely positive. Even the negative ones mention something positive about the book. If you don’t know Shola Richards or his work, you can easily fall prey to these fake reviews. It doesn’t cost much to post a few paid reviews. So Shola has put up a bunch of vague and super-positive reviews about his book. This way you can easily think that Shola is a trustworthy guy and his book is a must-buy while it’s not.

People work on peer pressure. If you see your peers doing something you will also be tempted to try it so you don’t feel the fear of missing out, which is also known as FOMO.

When you’ll see a book like this with so many positive reviews, you’d think to yourself, “If so many people liked it, I’ll like it too,” and you’ll buy it even though it’s nonsense.

This is why I hate Shola Richards. This guy is clearly a scammer who is taking advantage of people’s psychology. He doesn’t give a darn that he is wasting people’s time and money. He just wants to fill his pockets. All that talk about revolutionising offices is rubbish.

His book wasn’t the only thing, which wasted my time. I had a second encounter with this criminal, when my company hired him for a speaking gig. It was one of the most painful events in my life. My bosses couldn’t even figure out how they made such a huge blunder of hiring a moron like Shola.

Never Book Shola Richards

My company was having a big event and they started looking for an influential and popular keynote speaker. They went through many people and chose Shola Richards. They fell for his misleading and malicious marketing tactics. They thought he was a reliable guy which he is NOT. I had no relation with the booking of the speaker otherwise I wouldn’t have hired him. When I found out that he’d be the speaker, it was already too late. Plus, they wouldn’t have listened to me at the time. Well, they booked Shola Richards to speak on the event. And from what I have learned, his team took a huge advance from my company. Their excuse: Shola was really busy so they will need to charge extra. My company didn’t think much and hired the guy anyway. They paid him the advance but guess what? Mr. Shola never showed up. We contacted his team multiple times in the prior week to confirm his arrival and they kept telling us that Shola will be there. Shola was supposed to arrive a day before the event but he didn’t. His team gave us the excuse that Shola faced some personal issues so he couldn’t make it. We were devastated. The whole event turned out to be a disaster because the main highlight of the event couldn’t even reach the city. Look, whether it was a huge personal crisis or a lame excuse, in either case, what Shola did was highly unprofessional.

I was an idiot to think that Shola could change my perspective about him. For some time, I really thought that his book wasn’t a part of a scam but a mistake. I was wrong. This guy is running a major scam. Here’s what happened after he canceled the event.

My company contacted his team to ask about the advance we had paid him. We wanted a full refund along with an apology. But we didn’t receive any of those things. Instead, they gave us a 25% of the total fee we had paid those guys. When we asked about the rest of it they told us that it was non-refundable. It was in the tiny details of their terms and conditions. My bosses still regret that decision. They lost the company a pretty hefty sum.

However, after that event, I realized that Shola Richars is indeed a big scammer. He is running a scam in multiple avenues. He is stealing from people by selling them nonsensical books. And he is stealing from companies by taking huge advances for no reason. That guy isn’t some celebrity. He is an idiot who talks about positivity so that no can call him the bad guy. In our day and age, if someone is talking about positivity and office in his talks, other people give the guy a lot of leeway. Shola takes advantage of this fact. His talks, his books, they all are full of rubbish but he doesn’t give a darn because for him, it’s all about money.

I just hope my story will help someone else in making an informed decision about Shola. I don’t want anyone else to waste his or her time reading this idiot’s book. I also don’t want anyone to waste their listening to his talks. If any person in your organization is thinking of booking Shola Richards for an event, just forward them this article and request them to give it a read. I know it won’t do much but it can certainly save you and your friend a couple of thousand dollars, which can be spent elsewhere.

Spread the word.

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