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Published: 19 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am writing this report to warn you against renting with Slipstream Properties, which is now changing to Urban Phoenix. My leasing agent was a super nice guy named Ryan. He totally sold me on moving to 1001 S. Dahlia Street, which was their unfinished renovated apartment building. These buildings were built in the 1950’s, but Slipstream/Urban Phoenix has been renovating them and putting in nice granite counter tops, modern fixtures, etc. Sadly, Ryan is the bait. He lures people in, and then later they realized they were totally scammed. I was given a lot of promises to move in. Like the fact that they had free community wi-fi that was “so fast” and that their onsite laundry faclilities were “top notch.” Also, I was told the renovation of the building would be done by January. Its almost Feb, and most of the units are not completed, the common areas are full of construction tape and building materials, and they wont be done for months. Moved in 11/24/14 into what was supposed to be unit 125. It wasn’t ready yet. So they moved me into 201, and said that it would be done no later than 12/01/14. HAHA. I didnt move in until 12/20/14. So that is 3 weeks living out of boxes, and paying movers TWICE to move me from my place in Lakewood to unit 201 to unit 125. When I move in, there is no water. And, no cabinent doors in the kitchen. I can live without the doors, not without water. They fix it–and then a whole bunch of other issues arise. -The sink in the only bathroom starts to clog. They make a huge whole in the wall under the cabinent and spend 2 days here making a total mess drilling into the wall and coming in and out of the apartment. Totally inconvenient. -Cabinent doors are not in until mid-January. Once they are installed we realize that actually most of the cabinents are warped and they have to come replace those also. -Internet actually does not reach this building, only the buildings in front of it. So that “free internet” is a total lie and we need to get Comcast to come in to add a new bill. -The laundry facilities do not work for over a month in our building. -NOW here is the kicker. I come home after 4 days in Tampa to discover that a copper pipe has burst, leaking water all over my bed, carpet, and furniture. I call them, and someone comes out to fix it, but I am told that it will be 4-7 days before everything is fixed. I am highly allergic to mold–medically documented–and not only do I need to make sure that everything is DRY, I need to make sure that I am not sleeping on top of a mold infested bed. I called Jared Geisler, who is the manager, and tell him that I don’t need a hotel, I just want him to replace my mattress and waive a portion of all of the rent for Feb. Maybe some of you reading think this is unfair. I think it is totally fair for all of the hassle and inconvenience they have caused me in the last three months of living here. Jared refuses, and says that I should have had renter’s insurance. Okay, I can see his point. However, my bed is probably only worth $500, and if I did have renter’s insurance, which I don’t and which he SHOULD HAVE ENSURED I HAD before I moved in, it would have been a $500-$1,000 deductible. Which paying that to the insurance company would have made zero sense. So now, I have a moldy bed, a huge hole in my ceiling, water stains and mold in my room, soggy carpets, and soon to be a huge hole in my wall to deal with another piping issue they found. And all the apartment complex is going to do is “fix” the problem. This is no way to treat a tenent. They have screwed up royally many times, and to be fair, they did knock off some of the rent the first two months. I appreicated that. But this issue is way bigger, and they should do the right thing, and just work with me on the bed because I can’t sleep on something I am highly allergic to. No need to put me in a hotel or anything. Just help me get a new bed, and waive a portion of my rent. That’s what is fair, and what I think many of you will agree with me is fair. Jared Geisler not only told me that he wasn’t going to do ANYTHING for me besides fix the leak, he threatened to call the cops on me when I was in his office asking him to do what was right because he likes to hide behind his desk and not deal with real people. If you want to be lied to, conned, treated like a criminal for wanting to be treated fairly, and talked to disrespectfully, then this is the perfect place for you. If you want to live in a place that is inhabitable to live in, then I recommend you go somewhere else.

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