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Published: 30 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Where do I begin? I worked for Smart Circle for two years and it felt like the longest twenty years of my life. I never thought I would be brainwashed by a company but they broke me down and moulded me into a sheep. The company had the appearance of being one big family that were close and united but was nothing more than a cult and a scam. I won’t go into details about the interview and observation day because enough people know about it. For the first 2 weeks I was selling quite well, I was meeting all the people and I was generally having a lot of fun. I’m ashamed to say it was around this time that they hooked me in which obviously was their intention. The company offers a token promotion to everyone after 2-4 weeks. I was so determined to get that promotion because it meant I was taking my first steps towards owning my own business. When I got it, I told myself that this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and my team were like my second family……partly due to the fact that I rarely saw my actual family while in the business. We would go out every evening and talk about the future. We would stay at each others houses….anything so that our every minute was spent talking about the business. The promotion that I was so happy to get was nothing more than a title with more responsibility. I was expected to train new people and write their sales. Every time I did this I lost my commission. I knew that this was wrong but didn’t say anything because I wanted my own office. I’m ashamed to say that I lied to my crew about what a great opportunity it was because if they knew the truth, they would quit and I would have to start all over again. My owner coached me on what to say and how to get my guys to keep coming back and selling. We were also coached on how to lie to customers to get sales. Even though I was doing everything that they wanted me to do, I still lost lots of guys and had to start over many times. This company is like a revolving door because all they do is lie. The owner lies to his leaders to get his leaders to lie to his reps to get his reps to lie to the customers. After the better part of a year, I finally got promoted to an owner! I can honestly say that it was the worst mistake of my life because while the owners have their hands in their leader’s pockets, the VPs have their hands in the owner’s. An owner is responsible for everything. You have to pay the rent, electricity, Internet, your hub fee and payroll etc. It seems as if Smart circle sets you up to fail because you have so many bills to pay from day one. You will be kept around long enough to make your promoting owner and his VPs a ton of cash only to be replaced by someone else coming up through the company because they’ll be cheaper and easier to manipulate. Financial security? Your “business” can be taken away from you at any time and it will wipe out any savings that you have because you are responsible for your commercial lease. On top of that, owners are required to flaunt suits, watches, cars etc. in front of their staff in order to “promote the dream”. Not to mention they almost always have to finance a “merch-house” for their broke, homeless and destitute leaders. The VPs started this party and they only invited you so you’d bring the drinks and pay for the clean up once they move somewhere else. The concept of Smart Circle is genius. It is set up to squeeze the most out of their people without giving the tiniest bit back. They get eager kids looking to make some quick cash and then trap them with their smoke and mirrors and cult like rituals that get them to believe that the “system” will work. I’m not here to make this a long winded complaint about these con artists but I feel it needs to be known. Surely, we can get the word out about the new offices that open up here and there and we can watch them slowly close down but the root of all problems with this company lies with the people above. These are the people who have put in 15-20 years with Smart Circle and have not only watched but promoted the unethical practices that go on within the fake companies they put out every month. I honestly feel bad for all the current owners who are convinced that they are running their own companies just because they signed some incorporation papers with their state. That is not what being a business owner is about. It’s about running your business your way. Can somebody give me another example of a business owner who still has a boss? Does a real business owner have someone else controlling their bank account and their corporation? These SOBs stole years from me and when I did leave, I didn’t even have five grand to my name. Like most owners in this company, I was left with nothing after I had given everything. All that said, walking away from those guys was the best feeling I have ever had. .

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