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I highly don’t recommend them at all. Be warned.

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Published: 20 July 2019

Posted by: Nancy

I thought you should know this, for it to help you in your future decision so that you may not experience the same us my classmate did. She never wanted to talk about it since she was annoyed. Originally smiley was M&M Orthodontics, by this time she started her daughter’s braces. It went downhill when the owners sold the company. The first 4 months after it was sold she went there and she saw different orthodontist. The front desk staff was also after some time rotated out. They gave an excuse of having challenges with the staff turnover being the reason to staff the office with new visiting orthodontists. The impact of this was that they changed the plan that was put in place by the previous orthodontist, which brought out a little bit confused which process was to be handled when she had gone there that day, they even bad mouth the previous orthodontics that they never knew what they were doing in front of their clients. The constant change annoyed and frustrated my classmate together with other clients who were there. The front office staffs were very rude and seemed to be unprofessional. They lost her daughters records almost twice and claimed it was due to the move from M&M but it was senseless since the move had taken place over 2 and a half years before. When both my classmate and her daughter walked in for their appointment they were notified that they had rescheduled them for another day due to the loss of their records. Almost 4 times they lost her records leading to their appointment being rescheduled to a later date. She decided to make an appointment for the next month before leaving the office the previous month of which they gave him a card. She presented that appointment card to them but still, they rescheduled them. When she moved in there they pushed the sign-in sheets towards them and pointed to the pens. Since they had about one hour to one and a half hours to wait with a scheduled appointment, she saw them gossiping and laughing at the top of their voices amongst themselves, due to this they never attempted to have eye contact with the patients deliberately because of how disorganized the office was. They also avoided being questioned about the ridiculous wait times. My classmate daughter’s braces came off, the back office staff advised her to get several cavities fixed. She was shocked since her daughter had never had a cavity before, actually, it didn’t make since her braces had been on for 3 years and still there were places she couldn’t be able to clean. She never liked their services at all although the front office staff tried to push her into a set date for the procedures to be done as soon as possible. She never wanted to return there henceforth thus, told them her daughter’s cavities would be fixed by a different company. Immediately she finished that statement the worker turned away from her only to chart with the core worker which was evidently that she was dismissed. I have just taken my time to brief you about them.

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