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Published: 09 December 2018

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Solange Chadda purchased my year old Thoroughbred dark bay colt named Gift Diamond in 2013 in Michigan. She asked me to haul him to Florida for her but I refused. I was in the process of hauling two broodmares to Lexington Kentucky for breeding purposes so for the shipping fee of $400, I agreed to rent a 4 horse van and take the colt with me as far as Kentucky. While I was enroute to Kentucky, Solange Chadda called me & told me that she had broken her foot & was still in Pennsylvania & unable to meet me in Kentucky and pay me for the colt. I couldn’t take the colt to the breeding farm with me so I dropped him off at the farm as agreed, and Chadda agreed to send me a certified check for the shipping plus the cost of the colt in full. Chadda insisted that I would have payment in full by the time I returned to Michigan. While I did receive a payment in the amount of $400, I never did receive the rest of the money owed even though I kept requesting it from April through December of 2013. I finally filed in small claims court in Eaton County court but Chadda refused to be served so the court case was dismissed. Chadda even sent me an email telling me that she was flying to Paris France to take care of her sick mother so that I would never be able to serve her. Diamond was located in early March of 2014 at Toole’s Training Center in Davies, Florida by a friend who immediately sent me a text complete with photos. I contacted my attorney and per his instructions, contacted the barn asking for the return of my horse. After providing a copy of the Jockey Club papers (aka the “”title) of my horse, I was assured that I could drive to Florida and pick up my horse. When I arrived in Florida, I contacted the barn owner & asked him when we could meet so I could pick up my horse. He told me that I owed him $600 ($100 per day for 6 days) in addition to $250 for back board not paid by the thief plus $400 for damages done by my colt which I agreed to pay. Then he told me that I could not see my horse PLUS I could not pick up my horse. He decided that it was a civil matter between the thief & I. The thief had NO proof that the horse belonged to her. I had all sorts of documentation including the “”title”” (Jockey club papers) that the horse bleonged to me. He told me that I could not have the horse until/unless I brought him a court order. So I went to the police station and filed a police report. I had previously filed a police report in Michigan, plus a report with the Jockey Club, I had attempted to take the thief to court but she refused to be served. I had those court papers nd the dismissal by the court since she couldn’t be served. I met with the Florida state attorney. The state attorney told me that I had to file suit against the barn owner to return my horse to me as the rightful & legal owner. So I did. I met with the Florida Equine Specialist Attorney, Amanda Simmons. She advised me to try to pay John Toole for the return of my horse. I advised her that I already had. She then told me that I had to file suit against John Toole. But that I needed to request an emergency protection order so that John Toole couldn’t move, harm or do anything with the horse until the date of the pre-hearing. So I went back to the court & filed out the proper paperwork. Then I went to staples and made a copy and sent it to Mr. Toole. That was on 3/18. Then I talked again to Amanda Simmons & she told me to add a couple more items to my request for the emergency order. So I went back again to the court and amended the order. Then I went to staples again, made copies again, sent copies again. So Mr. Tooles received 2 copies of my request for an emergency order. He couldn’t say that he didn’t know that I was taking him to court. The judge signed my request for an emergency protection order on 3/28/14 stating that Mr. Toole couldn’t dispose of, harm, remove, injure, etc. without further order of the court prior to the hearing. Then when I went to court against John Toole, the judge told me…….The horse wasn’t stolen, he just wasn’t paid for. And that John Toole should have ethically & morally returned the horse to me but there was nothing legally to be done. In addition, Mr. Toole advised the judge that he had the thief remove the horse from his barn on 3/31/14 because he didn’t want anymore drama regarding the horse. Seems that Mr. Toole is allowed 5 days from the date that the judge signed the order for mailing. So not only did Mr. Toole not return the horse to the legal owner, but he ignored the judge’s order as well. There is NO way that Mr. Toole can claim that he didn’t know that this horse was in litigation as he was in receipt of letters from myself on 3/18 & 3/19 prior to the judge’s ruling. I also filed reports with the state steward at Calder racetrack and Gulfstream Park racetrack against Toole’s Training Center, as well as with the State Investigator and the State Attorney’s office. Mr. Toole threatened me in writing with physical force, assalt with a weapon, as well as holding my stolen property on his property. .

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