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Published: 26 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to work for this company in July 2014. SortinoTransportation was an owner opperator only at that time. I leased a truck from them through Bush Leasing it was a 2011 international prostar limited edition. It had 423000 miles on it. The truck needed drive tires and the company paid for the tires. I noticed the tires were wearing fast and the A/C went out. I took the truck home and replaced the A/C compressor and reciever drier myself. I bought new shocks for the truck and took it to get a 3 axle alighnment only to find out it needed king pins. Took it to Inland was told 1300 to fix truck including putting on my shocks,the alignment. Bill came to $2150. Then I had to put steer tire on the truck. All this took 3 weeks to get done. I took a load to the Carolina’s and the truck started using oil. 8 gal to the Carolina’s and back. Took truck to Freightliner in Omaha and they ended up tearing the motor down and sending pictures to NTP which took about 2 weeks to get approval to do motor. In the mean time Sortino wanted me to get another truck so I came back to th office to look at truck available. I was down a total of 5 weeks withthis truck. They had one 2011 international prostar with a $10000 buy out at the end with a 4 year lease and payment of 375 a week or 2012 Freightliners with $25000 buy out. I didn’t like any of the and was told I had to chose or go back home and wait until a truck came available. No work no money. I chose the 2011 International it only had 329000 miles on it. I drove it for one week and had to have the 5th wheel rebuilt, another front axle, all tire replaced, all shocks, air drier fixed and pressure gauge replaced. The company’s VP told me they would pay for the axle and steer tires and gave me a loaner truck for a week free of charge. They did pay for the axle but not the labor for replacing it. They did not pay for the steer tires. I drove it for another two weeks and it died on me just before I got to Lincoln,NE. My wife and I sat for 7 hours on the side of the road in January 2015. When the wrecker came to tow the truck back to Omaha the wrecker driver had his heat on and we got into the truck and got warm. Towed truck to International in Omaha and they were closed so took it to Freightliner. After 5 days in a moter they had it fixed,so they said. They replaced the ECM and A/C compressor that suppossedly locked up on a test drive,but not the receiver drier. drove the truck for 2 days and it did the same thing again. Had it towed to a Freightliner dealer and the wrecker driver and I were looking it over and found a fuse under the hood that looked ok but replaced it anyway truck started. Made it to Tuccumcari,NM and it started acting up again. Babied it to Flagstaff, AZ to a Freightliner and spent another 7 days and $1300. Drove it to Phoenix, AZ and back into a Freightliner spent 8 days and they did nothing to the truck and still charge me $277. Made it to Yuma,AZ made a pick up and made it to Colton, CA to an International dealer. They worked on the truck for 3 weeks replace the entire A/C system because it was contaminated by Freightliner. They put another ECM and warrantied it through Cummins. All the down time and was a total of 5 more weeks and a loan totaling more than $17000. I agreed to pay at $300 a week when everything was totaled. Trucks A/C still not working and the company will not help any more with fixing. They even quit with the loan and took $1000 for the 2 tow bills and 3 truck payment out of last check. Now they wanted me to get a new volvo which is too small. Then they called me up to ask me if I would like a new Kenworth. I asked them after the first truck if they would get some new truck like Pete’s or KW’s and they laughed. If I leased a new truck it would have the factory warranty and my problems would be solved. I tried for 5 weeks to get them to put a warranty on the last truck.Was told that was up to Arrow’s leasing. It was an Arrow truck. The company has great miles and a great Dispatch if you work for Sortino. When I started I asked about new trucks and they said the onle lease good used trucks. When you get so far in debt to them they cut you off on help and will not put any repairs into a loan anymore. Even though they force you into a truck that is neglected. They get you in debt then offer you a company job at a lesser amount of pay or a new truck for about $650 a week and $.07 maintenance escrow now. Rediculious.

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