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Published: 17 June 2019

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I needed my automobile reposessed from someone who had it without my permission. I hired Speedy repo after the police could not help me due to it being a civil matter. They had me sign and fax a contract to them which is labeled a “hold harmless” form. It states they can charge 10-25% value of car for repossession and that if you cancel there is a 250.00$ fee. Otherwise they get no money from you what so ever. after hiring them I tried to call back and the original number went straight to voice mail. I finally got a call from an Amy Greene phone number local in ct 203-470-1477. She apparently was my dispatcher. This was a cell phone number and her children crying in background which was suspicious as she always said she was in an office. She was charming telling me how her drivers were looking desperately for truck, I gave them times it would be in specific locations etc… And they couldn’t seem to just pick it up. I never got to talk to the driver or know what part of Connecticut they were located in. They asked me to send my only key to a PO box in Bethel ct To “McLaughlin”. In desperation to retrieve my vehicle which was a 2011 Nissan Titan I did this and immediately felt it was a mistake. I was not getting anywhere with them and decided to speak with a lawyer regarding filing a civil suit to get my vehicle back from the unauthorized user. I faxed a letter to speedy repo at 2 fax numbers requesting my contract to be cancelled. They ignored my faxes. I called the 1800 number. The man that answered was very rude saying I cannot cancel my contract by fax and I need to speak with my dispatcher. I called Amy Greene and texted her also stating I wanted to cancel. She made it seem like it was fine, and as soon as she talked to the “driver” I could get my key back For the truck. For three more days there were several excuses as to why she hadn’t gotten bsck to me. The “driver” was sleeping, she was in meetings, she hadn’t talked to him in days etc…. this started on Monday June 1,2015 and I even had to call her on other peoples phones because if it was my number she would not pick it up. By Thursday I was texting calling etc… Over and over to cancel and began reading online the scam they have going. She texted me verbatim “I still to this day have not heard back from my driver! I have left him two messages daily! If I was avoiding you I would not answer you at all! Now once again as soon as I hear from my driver you will have those keys in your hand! Thank you!” Later that night at 1134 pm I get a text from her stating: ” I just received an e-mail that the truck has been repossessed! I informed you that I could not cancel it until unconfirmed with my driver and the truck was repossessed!” After this I was not told where the truck was or how I could get it. First they sent me an invoice via Amy greenes e-mail from ICU inc with an Ohio bank and a British Columbia address storage is $30.00 a day starting 6/5/2015 towing $350.00 lockout fee $90.00 contingent fee 3,284.00 invoice total $3,724.70 they still did not tell me where the vehicle was. I gave them the key so there was no lockout, there was no actual tow but I get that fee. And the contingent fee of 3,284.00 is way over 10% of the value of the car more at the 25% end. Unless you you wire the money to the shady ICU bank in Ohio they will not tell you the location of the vehicle. If you choose to send a check they will charge you the 30$ a day storage on top of the crazy ripoff you are paying. after wiring the money I received the location of my vehicle which was at the Mcloughlin Towing in Danbury Ct. DO NOT USE ICU OR SPEEDY REPO. THEY ARE CONARTISTS AND TOTAL RIPOFFS. after trying to cancel all of a sudden they were immediately able to get the truck. Im out almost 4000$$$. But at least I did get the vehicle. I was so afraid I was going to find an empty lot after wiring so much money. .

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