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Published: 07 April 2020

Posted by: MGlowiak

After submitting a review praising “s customer service, I would like to retract the statement and provide some warning signs for customers to look out for should they consider shopping with either or, which are run by the same individuals (you can verify this when attempting to use the “chat now” option to speak with a representative). I originally placed a high rating review due to Christine in customer service refunding $200 on a purchase I had made where they provided the wrong information. As time went on with this company I continued to find more errors, rude customer service, and potentially fake autographs. Please read below: The day before the Super Bowl I had ordered a 2008 team signed Packer helmet. As a huge Packer fan I was excited and found a great deal on the helmet ($874). The helmet was labeled as an Authentic Pro Line Helmet with Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, and the rest of the 2008 team. Although the team was not exactly the same as the one that had won the recent Super Bowl, it was a close match, and I purchased the item for sentimental value. When I received the item I found that there was no Brett Favre signature and it was on a replica helmet. During this time I was told that maybe I received the 2011 helmet, which was on a replica helmet. I was also told that I would be sent updated certificates of authenticity, which they never sent. After two weeks of going back and forth with customer service to figure out what I was sent, they confirmed that the description was inaccurate. At that point I was finally provided the option of receiving a $200 refund or the entire purchase price if I returned the product. I decided to keep it. Still excited about this company I decided to start a small collection of autographs. The deals of the day had amazing prices, and coupled with some discount codes I found online. I thought I was getting great deals. The frustrations continue: 1) I purchased a Joe Montana autographed jersey that was authenticated by “Mounted Memories” and Sportsmemorabilia. No issues here; good work guys! 2) I purchased a Dan Marino jersey that was also authenticated by “Mounted Memories” and Sportsmemorabilia. The issue this time is that they never sent me the certificate. When I asked for it, they mailed it out but also sent a new hologram for me to affix to the item. This concerns me because if they give these holograms out so easily, what is to stop someone from sticking it to a fake item and passing it off as real? Kind of sketchy I”d say… 3) I purchased a Michael Jordan autographed photo which was mislabeled on the website. They showed a basketball photo but had it labeled as a baseball photo. Knowing that I found a mistake on the site, I capitalized on this and made the purchase. I mean, $179 for a signed Jordan is amazing. However, once again I am concerned about how the description was completely off. ***Now here”s the kicker… Being a huge Beatles fan my entire life I have wanted to purchase a set of autographs to add to my collection. Those of you familiar with these autographs know that about 95% are fake. The most trustworthy ones are authenticated by Frank Caiazzo, Perry Cox, Tracks UK, and Memorabilia UK. PSA/DNA tries to certify a lot, but are known for their inconsistencies as of late. Now this is not to say that an item not authenticated by one of these individuals or companies is guaranteed to be fraudulent, but I”d be suspicious, especially when making an investment of thousands of dollars. While looking on I found a deal for $1, 997.32 on a supposedly authentic 4X6 Beatles postcard that was autographed by all four Beatles. Something like this generally goes for over $5, 000, so I questioned a rep and was told that it was definitely authentic. Thinking I found the deal of the century, I asked them to hold the item so I could buy it on Monday. I inquired on the item over the weekend and was told by the representative Brittania that she had no idea who authenticated the item but that their 12-year reputation somehow meant the item was real. I did some more investigating online and found the exact same 4X6 replicated postcard selling on EBay UK for a few dollars. How could I not be skeptical at this point? Later that night I questioned the manager, Joe. He at first admitted that the 4X6 card was a mistake, and that it would be removed within 24 hours. The next morning I went on the site and it was still listed. I questioned him on this and he retracted his statement. On Monday I spoke with another representative, Jerome, who said that the item was authenticated by Now, with John Lennon passing away well prior to their 12-year existence, I questioned how they authenticated the item. Frustrated, the rep disappeared for a bit and then replied that it was authenticated by Autograph Central, who also did not exist at the time. When I checked their website there was no proof of them going about authenticating Beatles autographs as required by suggested professionals. At this point I became weary of the company and started investigating further. Here I found a John Lennon autograph, which was supposedly authenticated by the same company and a Paul McCartney/Ringo Starr signed Hofner bass that had a photo of only Paul McCartney”s signature. At this point I asked to speak with the manager, Joe, again and was met with frustration, retracted statements, and extremely rude customer service. He then stated that the signatures were real, that I had no idea what I was talking about, and that I am impossible to please. Keep in mind that a month ago I dealt with their issue for over 2 weeks before it was corrected. I had even written a positive review. How can he say that I am impossible to please? Now I have a man retracting the comment and being extremely rude to me. At this point I told him I”d write a review and never make another purchase there again. To this he signed off on me like a teenage couple fighting on Instant Messenger. Now I cannot confirm for 100% that these autographs were fake, but with all of their inconsistencies coupled with Joe stating that the posting was a mistake, I have my suspicions. I had this argument with them 2 weeks ago and the item is still posted (today is 4/17/11). I have photos of the items saved, and e-mails of the conversations. Although their deals are good and I feel that I made a few decent purchases, I would watch my back. Seriously… Most of their items are only certified by their own website and if they flipped out to this degree while being questioned on their Beatles” autographs, I”d be skeptical. On a side note, however, there were a few Beatles” items for significantly higher prices on the website that did appear legit. Shouldn”t they all be legit though?

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