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Published: 16 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We purchased Spy Agent in DEC of 2014 child monitoring software, downloaded it, installed it, didn’t work .I had a lap top only for 3 hours , I explained to them my situation Before I purchased this software, They ask me to buy this and 24 hours support available. My daughter has to leave to London for 2 years, before she leave out of the country i have 3 hours only to do this for new lap top i have purchesed. When I failed to download and shut the computer off called for support for the number which came with download. 1.888.267.2423 But only i get voice mail.and left the voice mail and ask me to call as soon as possible.I tried keep calling 2.30 to 5pm . I could hear only a voice mail. Left many messages No one responded, as well as emails .so I gave up before my daughter come home . While I am trying to install the program computer shuts down, I called next business day, e mails, And send many emails voice mails next day Not get any respond., they told me they never got them , They Lied They told me I should called Tech support they does not have a phone number so we have to open a ticket online. I don’t have a time to do all this, we purchased a software with trust. Yesterday I try to installed to my own computer and checked what I found was this software is not working at all. I was Looking for the any numbers to call them.And finally found number on bank statements and the number was clever bridge 2nd party , and i called them to refund , but refused. False advertisements. explanation all lies don’t buy this. Product does not work.If you cannot install propley ,no support , you have no acess to the install computer Do not buy, It can be remotely installed- False advertisements and lies It is not detected as a virus- False advertisements and lies Disables spy ware detectors- False advertisements and lies Once installed it monitors the remote PC in total stealth, and cloaks itself to avoid being detected- False advertisements and lies It logs all activity- False advertisements and lies I purchased Real time spy. It does not work. The company advertises that it can be remotely installed via an email message. This is not true. Yahoo and Goggle detect it as a virus and will not even allow the message to be sent. Even if it were allowed to be sent via email it would still be detected by anti virus programs. I tested it with Norton. It detected it as a virus. After realizing that there is no way to remotely install it I decided to test it on my own computer. I had to disable Avast anti virus. After I did that I was able to install it on my own computer. However it does not log most of the activity. It doesn’t log any Internet activity. It doesn’t log any keystrokes. It only logged when some programs were opened. However even then it doesn’t log that activity most of the time. Most of the time it doesn’t log any activity at all. t is not as advertised. It doesn’t work. I have contacted the company however they are ignoring me and refusing to provide a refund. Please don’t, but this Still refuse to pay.This company is by far the worst company you could ever do business with! Stay away from this company as you will only get the run around and never get what you pay for.Many pages explanations , all hide and seek type of program explanation. I will tell you again don’t be a another victim.

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