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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We purchased our new Stancil Built home October 06, 2010. Four days after moving in, our crawl space flooded. They did send their plumber Larry Barnes to crimp the pipe. But after that, they refused to fix another thing. As we lived in the house, more and more issues were making themselves known. I would call and call, but nobody would return my calls. I eventually emailed them and said I was sick of being ignored. A couple weeks later (4 months after buying the house) I received a letter from their attorney telling me we were not allowed to contact the builder, their contractors or any persons affiliated with them. I had one call with the lawyer. He said he would rather deal with a lawyer on my end because a lawyer would be less likely to go to the neighbors and if we went around to all the neighbors, they’d be in a lot of trouble. So we had a community event with my lawyer in my house. Many people came and complained. We had another home inspection and we realized that the 1st home inspector who was ordered by our realtor Jay Locklear, had missed an awful lot of things. To our surprise…we discovered that our Realtor’s boss is really the builder’s daughter who happened to come to our closing instead of our realtor. Can we say conflict of interest? We had plumbing issues like crazy. Couldn’t use the washer, have to alternate what days we could take a shower because the hot water won’t last. Heck they even gorilla glues our under mount kitchen sink to our granite counter tops. So many problems…it is horrid. Anyway, as my lawyer kept trying to call their lawyer who apparently didn’t return calls to our lawyer, I had a terrible car accident and ended up in a wheel chair for three months. Do you know how hard it is to do laundry at a laundromat in a wheel chair. Now we find out that we have to replace the septic system and all the plumbing, on top of all this other stuff. Not only that, but they are advertising that our homes have fiber cement siding when actually we have LP Smartsiding (which is an OSB) and it is already failing. This builder lied on the news, he lied in his written statement to the Real Estate Commission. I am surprised that he is willing to place his lies onto the camera and onto paper. But regardless….people need to know the truth. This builder stated they have built over 1600 homes in 5 counties and they are still building. He sits as the President of the Builder’s Association in Johnston County and is with a lot of other things. Clearly willing to compromise his own integrity and the integrity of the quality of the home he built for us. They even have family members and people who work for them give them positive feedback all over the internet. B Goldsten signed my documents as the VP of the builder, yet she has all sorts of positive feedback to give her own company. Bradly Stancil, the builder’s son also did. And people named “Review Boost” gave positive feedback. See photos and documents on the FaceBook account I started. All I am asking for is that I am reimbursed for what I have already paid to fix that they should have, or had promised but broke the promise, to fix my house correctly and pay my attorney for the time he has already put into this. We are preparing for court and I haven’t asked for anything else other than what is reasonable. .

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