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Published: 23 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went to work for him after responding to a craigslist ad to do commercial carpentry work at a rate of 20 dollars an hour on a Zumiez store in Apple Blossom Mall in Winchester VA. Things immediately became apparent to me that he didn’t know what he was doing a few days in as he began telling me to put walls and things different places and then coming back later after he figured out that they should go somewhere else and blaming me for putting them in the wrong place. I followed his demands as he was in charge and didn’t want to hear any kind of thoughtful suggestions as he was the classic know it all control freak boss. I was told by him while working that I didn’t need to keep my hours because his assistant Dave would keep track of them, needless to say I kept track of them. I quickly found out the depth of his ignorance when he asked me how he could figure out where the middle of a wall was. I told him to measure the wall and then divide that number in half. I only did eight days work for him but racked up close to eigthy hours as we worked from morning until evening and I wasn’t paid for one. During those eight days it seemed the cycle was repetitive, spend one day building walls and bulkheads under his direction and specification, and then the next day was spent fixing everything the best I could that was done the day before. He was the only one on the jobsite that knew what was being built because the blueprints didn’t reflect what was being built and only he knew the plan. Slowly after a few days in he started implying that I was the one screwing things up and it became a comment that I would laugh at whenever he said because he was the one in charge pf the operation and I was only following his instructions. After the sixth or seventh day the implications became stronger and I realized he really wanted to create the illusion that somehow I was responsible for everything he was fucking up. On The seventh day I asked his assistant Dave if things usually got this screwed up and his response was that they were usually worse. On the seventh day of this and realizing that since the rough framing was finished and so screwed up I didn’t want to even venture down the road of trying to do finish work under his tyrannical ignorance I called and told him so that morning. He then begged me to come in that last day and finish out the week which I then agreed to do. Big mistake. That whole day was spent trying to plumb studs on breaking points so the drywallers could at least have there ends of drywall meet eachother uncut since thelayout on both the bulkheadsand every wall he’d built was so off. At the end of the day I waited for him to finish work till 7 as he wanted me to stop at four and had me sitting around for another 2 hours until he had his lap dog assistant Dave tell me to come back tomorrow and he’d pay me. “Don’t worry I’ve got your back. I’ll make sure he pays you” I was told. I came back the next day and he called me before he even got on site and told me he wasn’t going to pay me till a week from then. I called him a week later and he wouldn’t even pick up the phone but texted me he’d pay me wednesday. I texted him back and told him I was coming in to talk to him tomorrow and he texts me I wasn’t allowed on the mall property as if he owned the mall and that he’d have me thrown off the property and not to “show my ass” and “this how shit gets done” and made some kind of implied threat. I needed to get the info off the building permit to file a mechanic’s lien so i went in even though I didn’t want to have to see his ugly mug. He sees me on the jobsite and tells me we can go outside and fight if I want to. I told him I wasn’t interested in fighting him only in getting paid. he assured mr he was going to pay me wednesday. Wednesday rolls around and he tells me he’s going to pay saturday. By this time I have a Warrant in Debt and a Mechanics Lien filed. Saturday comes and I go talk to him at the job site and he tells me he’ll call me later. I get no call. Monday he texts me he got paid but since he received the notice of my having filed a warrant in debt I’ll have to see him in court. Of course he doesn’t show up to court. The mechanic’s lien is invalid because they’ve passed a law now in Virginia you have to be a Contractor to file a Mechanic’s Lien now, and I’m left with a worthless judgement in my favor cause this guy spends all his money on liquor and prostitutes and has nothing but his tools and his work truck both of which the court can’t seize. I was thoroughly disappointed with his sidekick dave as well being such a lackey that he would lie for him, and the childish way he would whisper in Charles ear like they were twelve year old girls. This guy Charles Barr or his company isn’t listed with the DPOR or SCC and DPOR wouldn’t look into him seemingly not having a contracting license because I didn’t respond to there inquiry quickly enough. Long story short = Don’t touch this guy with a ten foot pole. I can tell he’s been giving himself positive reviews on the internet by the telltale incorrect spelling and grammar he uses when writing them up. If you saw this you can consider yourself warned.

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