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Published: 14 June 2019

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This agency will broadcast open houses where anyone with no experience can supposedly learn the apartment industry. For $75.00 per person, they tell you they will teach you in just a few hours ‘all you need to know’ and promise a job as a leasing agent. If they do place you it is for bottom level wages. So, they want people with absolutely no experience because it earns them money at the door. If you see their Facebook page it is like a cattle call. Bring your neighbors, friends, family – anyone can potentially work here… just be sure to pay the $75.00 at the door So, how imporant and vital is the role of a leasing agent if it can be learned in a mere few hours? The thing is, it can’t. But, it’s a good way for them to make money and pay the employees bottom level wages as brand spanking new entry level employees. More people means more money for their open house. However, if you do have experience and you know enough to ask the right questions they won’t see you at all. They will tell you that you can’t work unless you shadow someone (with no experience) only after taking classes for several hundred dollars which no other agency requires and which are not even recognized in the industry (but you won’t know that unless you really dig). Now, suddenly (after advertising they will take anyone) they really won’t take anyone except those who don’t know enough to understand their MO. They don’t want qualified candidates. You have to wait until they have another class for $75.00 which anyone with exprience does not need. They marginalize the industry to pay out as little as possible. The staff is rude and does not know the industry at all. They do not treat all potential candidates the same. Despite experience in real estate (where I had to learn Fair Housing and leasing to be licensed as a real estate agent in another state) I was told not to even bother applying until I took a course that cost $400.00 which I did not need to take based upon my experience. I spoke several times with Ernie to clarify why I needed this course and he told me everyone who is an agent has to be certified and he could not help me until I proved I was certified. He gave me the specific name of the course at least five times. I called him back several times to clarify because it just didn’t make any sense. He would not even take a look at my resume nor could I fill out an application without being certified. However, just looking at their FB page (which I did after the fact, unfortunately) proves this is not true. I tried to clarify with the manager (becaue it made no sense to me) but Ernie never gave her the messages despite telling me he had. When I finally got through to the manager two months later she called me a liar. As if I have nothing better to do when I am seeking work than to waste two months of my time and $400.00 on a course I did not need. Who does that???? It’s not even logical. She did not even accept the possibility that I might be right and that Ernie misdirected me because you seriously can’t make this stuff up. In fact, she stated it was my fault for relying on the information of a complete stranger; her employee. Well, what is a staffing agency if not a place to know their industry inside and out so as to provide the CORRECT information to any potential candidate? So, if you call, according to the manager, you can’t take ANYTHING Ernie says as true because he is a total stranger even though he works for her, so beware. If you believe anything he says it’s your fault. If you have experience find another employment agency which has staff who actually understand the industry and value the role leasing agent. They won’t give you the run around or demand you pay a fee or take a course you don’t need to take. There are other agencies out there who will gladly meet with you and evaluate you, and then place you according to your experience. I wish I had found those other agencies before I wasted time and money here. .

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