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Published: 03 December 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

Name: Steven Eugene Sweatt Alias: Steven E. Sweatt, Steven Sweatt Spouse: Jessica Temples Date of Marriage: October 12, 2002 (10-12-02) Home address: 4759 Jasmine Dr Fort Worth, TX 76137-2308 Cell: 214-392-2238 Sprint e-mail: [email protected] Occupation: Insurance adjuster for Farmers Insurance Texas Department of Insurance License #: 1288485 Schools attended: University of North Texas; Class of 2003 The Oakridge School; Class of 1995 About two months ago, my daughter was receiving treatment at a clinic near Fort Worth when a total stranger carrying a camera entered the premises and started asking questions. It was not long when he started filming. All of a sudden he barged into the curtain where we were located and started shooting his camera throughout the entire time while her bare back was exposed for treatment. My daughter and I were alarmed. After he left, I asked the staff who that person was to which they responded that it was a need to know basis. Then I threatened the staff members with legal action which compelled them to give me that mans name. Mr. Steven Eugene Sweatt of 4759 Jasmine Dr in Fort Worth is an insurance adjuster for Farmers Insurance. Shocked and infuriated, I thought to myself, Why does an insurance agent need to be taking pictures of naked little girls for? That man is a pervert and needs to be reported or put in jail. I can not imagine how many other girls and boys he may have victimized with his camera where he took pictures of their topless bodies. What ever happened to patient privacy? I was so mad that I wanted to call 911 right away and have police put that man in jail on charges of child pornography. The owner, shaken and panicked, apologized for that mans perversion and begged me not to call police since he did not want the bad publicity for his clinic. Instead, he gave me the address and phone number of the state licensing board in Austin. Farmers Insurance should take better care to screen its employees for any sex offenses or child pornography before considering them for employment. If he is not fired by now, then be on the lookout for this man who may be taking pictures without your consent in case you are getting a massage or receiving medical treatment at any clinic. It is not normal behavior for someone to barge into a business and start taking pictures of topless people.

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