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Customer’s service at Steve's Flowers and Gifts did not impress me.

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Published: 21 July 2019

Posted by: Samuel

Flowers and gifts from Steve’s Flowers and Gifts might seem like a caring and loving idea for anyone who deserves it. But in reality, you should go someplace else. This place is terrible.

I enjoy doing something special for myself. At Steve’s Flowers and Gifts, I saw the beautiful sample arrangements and planned to order the next day.

The order didn’t arrive when it should have, and the flowers didn’t look as fresh when it arrived at my doorstep.

I looked at photos and saw samples in the nursery to give me an idea of what to expect from Steve’s Flowers and Gifts.

The service I experienced with Steve’s Flowers and Gifts disappointed me on my birthday. The flowers arrived late afternoon. The customer should be shown respect for their business with the company, right? A much earlier delivery would have made me happier.

The flowers were not beautiful and filled in a basket which looked heinous. I ordered flowers with a fancy arrangement and on a higher stand. I didn’t get the feedback I deserved from Steve’s Flowers and Gifts. The lack of creativity, professionalism, and the lack of knowledge of how to arrange flowers is what I got from Steve’s Flowers and Gifts.

I did not receive flowers of the arrangement as agreed upon, they had assured me I would have the flowers on schedule. The following day passed by and then, I get my order of flowers, almost at the end of the day. It is not easy to have a picture in mind of how I wanted the flowers arranged. The colors were lacking a magic touch which failed to show me the best arrangement.

I was disappointed to have received the flowers in a curled-up image. The flowers were not kept in a cool place, and delivery rates are expensive. I needed better service and an apology for their mistake.

The staff at Steve’s Flowers and Gifts are not friendly and pleasant. I placed the order without any negative issues. The order arrived late, and the flowers didn’t look outstanding. I paid $100 for a bouquet and expected better service from Steve’s Flowers and Gifts. Flowers must have that shine and sparkle. I did not have my flowers stick up and look beautiful. A customer needs to be happy with the price and flowers for a special day. I felt the flowers did not fit the description and the staff did not come back to me on my complaint.

The variety of arrangements mean a lot to someone who wants to order flowers for a special occasion. I did not get what I paid for. Steve’s Flowers and Gifts won’t have a high recommendation from me. Fresh flowers make great presentations when handled with care.

The order did not make me smile on my birthday.

I wouldn’t recommend Steve’s Flowers and Gifts for any special occasion. Use other florist and be satisfied with the order. It is of no use to me to get flowers that are not fresh and looking imperfect. I did not get the special flowers earlier in the day. It is a disappointment to have less freshened flowers on my birthday. The flowers ordered didn’t look worthy of the high price I paid

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