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Published: 10 January 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This is about how Stop & Shop Hadley, MA store mishandled my $8200.00 by negligence. This is about how Stop & Shop Hadley, MA store manager, Mark Puza, and service desk employee, Carol, did not fulfill their duty and mistreated the customers. This is about how Stop & Shop turned an easy 20 minutes transaction into a 4 hours long nightmare. On November 21, in Stop & Shop Hadley MA store I transferred $8200.00(That is all my saving.) through Western Union to my family member. Before the transference, Stop & Shop employee worked on behalf of Western Union checking my driver license and SSN, and took the money. Because of some technical issue, the money did not get through. Western Union told me to get my money back from Stop & Shop, which should only take 20 minutes the most. November 22 around 9:10 am, my husband and I got to Stop &Shop Hadley, MA store to get the money back. In order to make sure I am the right person, Western Union people told me that they need Stop & Shop to verify my identity by email—-reply an email sent by Western Union including my identity. After getting the email from Stop & Shop, Western Union could release the money in 20 minutes. Carol, Stop & Shop Hadley MA store service desk employee, sent the email, and also printed it to assure me she really did it. But when asking to let me see the email, she refused. I was waiting to get the money back. 20 minutes passed, 30 minutes passed, and one hour passed. Carol, Stop & Shop Hadley MA store service desk employee, told me she could not give me the money back because Western Union did not release it. She said Western Union always doesn’t want to refund the money. I was freaked out. It is my money, and Western Union has no right to keep it. 10:35am, I was back on the phone with Western Union again. Western Union people said the reason I did not get the money back was because Stop & Shop never sent them the email to verify my identity. I asked Carol again whether she sent the email, and she swore she did. She also assured me that Western Union was the one to blame for the delay. It was 11:35am, and I was still on the phone with Western Union trying to figure out what was going wrong. I asked and begged Carol to tell Western Union people on the phone where she sent the email. She refused, and said it was not her business. Around 12:00pm, I asked to see the store manager because I thought he could be helpful. Mark Puza, the Stop & Shop Hadley store manager showed up 10 minutes later after being paged. Carol showed him the printed out email. He pocketed his hands, and told me “This is between you and Western Union. We can’t help with anything!” Western Union people asked me to pass the phone to the manager to verify my identity, or the manager can write down Western Union’s email address and resend it again. But Mark Puza refused to do so. Although I begged him again and again, he refused me again and again. And then he just turned around and left. Neither the employee, nor the manager did anything! I was still on the phone, and I was furious. I did not know what was going wrong. I don’t understand why the day before Stop & Shop could work on behalf of Western Union to see my IDs and to take money, but why now they refused to cooperate with Western Union to check my identity to give me the money back. It was already 1:00pm. Western Union people still did not get the email sent by Carol. I still did not get my money back. Stop & Shop people still did not want to help. My nerve broke down finally. 1:20pm, I told Carol that she had to tell Western Union people on the phone where she sent the email to, or I would call the police right away. She finally talked on the phone, and it turned out she sent the email to a WRONG email address. She should have sent it to (email address removed by admin), but she sent it to (email address removed by admin) All because of Carol’s mistake and Mark Puza’s negligence , I was on the phone with Western Union people for hours and hours. All because of Carol’s mistake and Mark Puza’s negligence, an easy 20 minutes transaction turned into a four hour long nerve-breaking nightmare. After the email was resent to the right email address, I got my money back at 1:45pm. If the Stop & Shop employee, Carol, had taken her job more seriously, and had sent the email to the right email address; if the manager, Mark Puza, had checked his employee’s work; if Carol and Mark Puza had taken the customer more seriously; if they both had fulfilled their duties, it would not have been such a nightmare. Even after they realized it was their mistake, My husband and I did not get an apology from Carol or Mark Puza. Only after I went up to his office, Mar Puza shrugged off and said that it was just a human error. And he said he had no idea what I went through for those hours because he is the MANAGER, and I was only a customer. Doesn’t Stop & Shop’s success build on the customers? Doesn’t the manager know better that your pay check comes out of customers’ pockets? I am open for any legal advice and suggestions.

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