Strength Republic

The gym staff are not supportive and lack interest in their clients.

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Published: 29 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I liked the atmosphere at STRENGTH REPUBLIC. I don’t trust the qualifications of employees. They don’t have a professional nutritionist and instructors are not well-trained.

To start, I had to pay membership fees of $750 and that is expensive. The other charges with the nutritionist are $800. I changed my mind about going to STRENGTH REPUBLIC.

I am supposed to pay membership fees and nutritional fees to STRENGTH REPUBLIC to their unprofessional team who don’t know how to speak to their clients. I stopped training there!

Membership fees are a scam at STRENGTH REPUBLIC. They will send you promotional newsletters and extra charges on membership fees.

I had many issues with STRENGTH REPUBLIC and have stopped going thee to avoid contact with unfriendly and unprofessional people.

STRENGTH REPUBLIC is not trustworthy nor worth going to for the lack of qualification they have in their field of work.

At STRENGTH REPUBLIC I gained confidence but had no idea what the gym staff has on their minds about high charges of membership fees and nutritionist fees.

A weight loss program at STRENGTH REPUBLIC is a waste of money.

Nutritionists are not qualified for references.

The gym has no intense workouts and staff are not helpful to clients. No staff help for good results of workouts.

Unfriendly and unpleasant people working at STRENGTH REPUBLIC do not give me any good to go back to have my money stolen again at STRENGTH REPUBLIC.

I did not feel comfortable at STRENGTH REPUBLIC. The atmosphere did not give me warmth and smiles. In my experience, I felt unwelcome with unprofessional instructors, unqualified staff and paid membership fees of high charges with no reason. I was charged high fees when I had not used the gym.

I don’t recommend the STRENGHT REPUBLIC for the lack of clean facilities, lack of care and patience toward clients, for the unnecessary charges against my name, the bad customer’s services, and for the scams they are trying to get money from clients. At STRENGTH REPUBLIC I was not happy with their terms and conditions. The gym facilities are not clean and dry. It was a mistake to start my workouts at STRENGTH REPUBLIC.

STRENGTH REPUBLIC doesn’t have clean facilities.

The staff is not around you when doing workouts. People need encouragement and I don’t see that at this gym. Owners are not eager to assist clients in workouts. Gym equipment needs to be updated. No friendly staff to help with gym facilities.

The poor quality of gym mats needs modern and new and clients must be happy in workouts. I don’t see clients are confident in workouts at STRENGTH REPUBLIC for the lack of amenities. Gym classes are cheaper elsewhere. They need to research for better facilities. At the STRENGTHEN REPUBLIC, you are not guaranteed quality and professionalism. There are no sufficient workouts at the gym. I do not recommend the STRENGHT REPUBLIC to my friends or family.

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