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Published: 22 June 2019

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A Costly Emotional Rehabilitation

With the 21st Century progressing, the human race has been exposing certain au courant anomalies within their mindsets. If this needs a simpler explanation, it can be concisely expressed with the word “addiction.” The past revealed a neoteric variety of addictions that were highly affiliated with the amelioration of mankind. This is the reason why the 20th Century is associated with the ‘scientific progressing’ obsessions. Regrettably, this all led towards new doorways of mankind ruining their existence. Miscellaneous versions of addiction having either the mind, body or the soul connected escalated like a virus; targeting us, the younger generation with its strongest blow. 

    Before the start of this century or what I might exclaim more specifically, before the cybernetic age covering most of our globe and our people, there was little knowledge of rehabilitation and affiliated centers. With the solutions to healing the wound keeping our loved ones trapped within their self-sabotaging behaviors, rehab centers offered a haven to the affected. It isn’t that much of an appealing impression to people who would personally observe the preposterous work that is inactivity in covers of acumen and guidance. I’d like to quote a similar illustration of the description above; a center settled in Malibu, California which “intends” to provide a safe, nurturing environment to find hope and healing. (Scoffs)

Summit Malibu has been treating its patients with evidence-based and holistic treatment (as they say it to be) since 2007. This article won’t be discussing much of their versions and archetypes of treatment (as most of it accounts as spam and fraud) but would focus more on the darker side of Summit Malibu and the rehabilitation centers. 

With the discussion progressing, we observe addiction coercively affecting not only the people directly involved but the people around them too. This is very sadist but our society has always worked things out from the exigency for their ameliorations. This happened with Summit Malibu too, who under the name of “rehabilitation” and “sobriety” had been using their customers to an extent unimaginable. This article shall state all the absurdity they’ve been diminishing under the weights of exercising traumatic disorders.



It is hard to believe the fact for most of us that rehab centers can turn out to be a complete fraud and the one accusing has more of a “personal” problem with them. It might not be hard to bring the good into someone’s attention with the help of advertisements. This is what rehab centers are very good at, I might say. Wouldn’t it be more idiotic to believe over some foolish act for the sake of advertising over a more fitting review that we might refer to as a feedback report?

 Summit Malibu is a fraud and a scam. What it will take is a keen, neutral observation of their way of treatment which shall desolate the complete situation into a more coherent form. We’d take their claims one after another and divulge the dexterity hidden beneath the skin of assistance. Summit Malibu had claimed them as a dual diagnosis program; which is a 28-day program of rehabilitation. It might seem unusual but the fact that needs to be discussed in a more general and detailed manner is the greed for money that drives them towards any step that would assure its attainment. The fact over how much they can add to the final bill of the program was uncertain until reported by the customer themselves. If I’d speak for the situation that is encountered by the victims, in and out of the treatment; it is inconceivable. This is what makes the Summit center inquire for another 28-day treatment as a ‘need’ of the patient when their first payment was most certainly a discounted price than the original cost of the program. It is only a matter of time until we see that these ‘needs’ and movements are for the sake of coping the discounts that have been a fissure for their original worth. It explains why this occupation is a matter of money, and not of human welfare. 

 The monstrosity doesn’t end due to the hunger of getting more money; it also gilded itself for cutting their services short. It makes me question the approaches of humanity over how adamant people can be who are specifically working to “guide” people. With having our second payment accepted, it didn’t take them long to throw the patient out of the center. It seems to be easy exclaiming how they kicked him out of the facility, even though everything has been correct from our side, but it is far more difficult to accept how crudely a patient can be treated who isn’t in his mind. We cannot imagine how such a person would’ve survived the impoverished conditions of the outside world when he/she isn’t in control. Yet, they survived with a miracle. A person left 20 miles away from the place where he was to be treated, with nothing to survive with, definitely sounds like a killing plan. This sounds awkward in every sense, but this is what Summit Malibu would’ve done to your loved ones if they ‘figure out that they need a higher level of the claim.’ This need makes them throw them out in the wild. If they were incapable of completely saving a patient, they should’ve kept him within their premises until a surpassing solution was discovered. Yet, they settled overselling him off to the same atrocities that led him to this state making the whole rehabilitation to start over. If, and only if they were capable of keeping this intact it would’ve saved them for being called as a scam. It is proven conspicuously that Summit Malibu has been working under a fraudulent intention and stands to be regarded as a complete scam that is only into the system for the sake of money. 


Unprofessional Environment

It won’t be new to hear about the unprofessional treatment of the client by a certain services company. It should also come into the mind that when the question of unprofessionalism comes regarding rehab centers; it is a matter to cogitate. A place that consistently involves client interaction, if mishandled is said to be a complete abortive practice. Summit Malibu has been christened to such practices several times. It never made them stop. Their general motive for “money” kept it alive and burgeoning. With their scandalous intention to drop their inductees out from their premises, their unethical and unpardonable behavior remained atop. The patient was to be tracked by ourselves; who was founded completely agitated and paranoid. The company should be thankful for being not sued over such an act a million times, but avarice has no ends. Summit Malibu had no ends too. With the refusal of giving away the patient’s possessions, they gave us all the more reasons to be hated with higher stakes. 

Discussing the unprofessionalism in an easier version would be referred to as their ‘customer care.’ Summit Malibu turns out to be unprecedented with their client tackling. If we observe it with the mindset they inherit, they turn out to be ballsy with treating their client with disgust and displeasure. It is quite a simple formula that they keep themselves stuck with; not returning what the client wants back. Our calls are answered with no replies, having our line cut-off several times. With no returning calls, there was no propagation with the issues at hand. Summit just got successful in buying themselves time. It wasn’t put any better by another victim of Summit Malibu; “Besides it being a nice house the therapists and administrators were a complete waste of space.” Charming everyone with demeanor was something Summit relied upon; which was potential of no use to the clients in need of actual rehabilitation. What we can conclude their negligent behavior is that they condone irresistibly terrible behaviors with only one motive; to suck the maximum revenue out of them. Emotional rehabilitation has just been diverted towards more of a business, rather than welfare. Summit Malibu should be thankful among dozen other such atrocities that are responsible to bring this up with them. 


No Insurance, No Refunds

If these species of emotional purification desperately cared more over the process of purification rather than its conclusions, they would’ve gotten more successful in saving more kin rather than ruining their image over greed. Yet, we see Summit Malibu choosing the shortcut pathway in getting more out of what they’ve been producing. Their gluttony of having more in their plate made their sanity lost totally into space. The company doesn’t call out to people who are into help with insurance. It is discovered, that their treatment plans only work out for rich people. Accepting insurance is just not in their blood. They never made it difficult for us too to reject our propositions against theirs as it seemed that money was far more problematic than the person in the need of help. This is unjustifiable in any case judged upon.

They never came well off with the ideas of insurances; the same came up with the notion of refunds. The company discovered to keep themselves off the chart with refunding by not replying to their client. With our patient left to rot in the streets, we demanded a refund of the second half of the diagnosis. With every right to have what we sacrificed for nothing, the demands of refunding were made within time. It was the company that didn’t want to pull it off. The nefarious mindsets were off finding ways to dodge the client; which were to reject every proposition they put forward. This rehabilitation company kept its focus on the very motive; “No Insurance, No Refunds.”


Fake Reviews

 Every company thrives to survive, and for that, they take every step that could lead them to a bigger reach rather than a diminishing one. Companies like Summit Malibu intend to achieve this in any manner possible. This makes them take the benefit of fake reviews. Whatever positive we have been reviewing about Summit Malibu is much of a fake story for its followers. It merely is the boss asking their employees to do their jobs. A company that can almost kill their clients can go to this extent in any way possible. If it hadn’t been our vigilance and the little amount of mistrust that we had for the company and the employees that were working in, we would’ve lost him into addiction. And yet, Summit Malibu would’ve been held innocent as they had nothing to do with exacerbating the addiction. Summit Malibu just kept their dirt clean off them. That is what we might say, they are experts in keeping it intact. 



We might see rehabilitation centers as the last resort for addicts who have left themselves no choice in staying strong, but we need to see the bigger picture that all that glitters is not gold. Rehab might seem angelic to people who have been suffering from a lot of trouble lately but it is our duty, the people who have suffered and the people who most likely observe, to help out our kin in need and save them for such ferocious people who’d suck out their blood for grabbing every penny they can get from them. These slaughterhouses are much diverse than rehab and that is what we need to be very careful of. They are not to be trusted under any cost, and if it feels necessary to fill in your loved ones into such a center, then it is undoubtedly our responsibility to look out for them at every point they are being treated. Human life is far more important than this world certainly thinks it to be. Hence it is our responsibility to keep our people away from such behemoths at every cost. Summit Malibu is the behemoth of California who doesn’t care to spill innocent blood onto their hands for the sake of money.



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