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Published: 10 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Sunnyfield’s Goldens** – Judit Beke (Eager Hungary) Golden Retriever Breeder. The dog sold and imported to us by this girl is “NOT” the dog which was advertised in the photo of his sale ad on – It is a different dog. It is clear by our family and friends it is not the same dog. Photos attached will clearly show this. Judit Beke is a very dishonest person who tells many lies, has a very filthy mouth with vulgar language within her emails to us. This purchase was a horrible experience with this seller who is a FCI show judge with absolutely no “breeding ethics” as you will find within our story we are telling. The dog Judit Beke has sold to us was advertised for $7000.00 Seven Thousand Dollars on being sold for breeding purposes. He was nearly 2 years old at sale. Upon several email correspondences, Judit Beke and myself agreed to a slightly lesser price with shipping included. Upon requesting a video and additional photos, prior to purchase, I was told my Judit Beke that she “had no time” for that. But I can be assured he was top quality best of the best and the highest standard and was shown in Hungary against the very best dogs and won numerous times and was a Champion. Judit Beke is a slick talker and had me convinced the dog was the best. We agreed on the price with ship included and she promised shipping was already being arranged within the week after she received the wire of funds and his export pedigree was “set to go”. So I wired the funds. Then the “nightmare” began. She took days to respond to me to advise the funds were received. I began to believe I was scammed because once she received the funds, her emails became less frequent, less prompt. It was days after she received the money and my emails advising I was scammed that she replied back. She then advised that there would be “delay” in shipping because she could not find “an affordable” flight. She advised her “car broke down” and she needed money to repair it. (I have all saved emails) claiming such statements by Judit. Weeks were beginning to pass and her emails were getting less frequent. I kept emailing her to ask why the delay this time. I than began to get desperate and offered to pay additional money just to “get our dog”. Once I emailed with that offer Judit Beke got right back and advised if I sent an additional $450.00 sent Western Union, that she would ship the dog within days. I was left with no choice and went forward with the additional payment ~ We then received the dog nearly a week later. It was then clear it was NOT the dog presented in the sale photograph. To top that off, our reproductive vet found the dog to be “infertile” with abnormal testicles. I provided a scanned emailed copy of the vet letter to Judit Beke, and she accused us of taking another dog in exhange for the dog which she sold. She advised she wanted a “identification” by microchip on the vet letter. We were literally called fU——–king liars by Judit Beke, and such vulgar language was being used by this girl in emails. We then took the time and expense to take the dog back for microchip identification to be scanned and written on the vet letter and I then sent another one to Mrs Beke. Now with this, Mrs Beke then emailed us over a vet letter claiming that our male we purchased was “bred” at her vet via collection/insemination to a bitch dog named > Imperium Salonae Bohemian Rhapsody – Owned by Judit Szegedi that she purchased at kennel Imperium Salonae. Upon review of the vet letters provided by Judit Beke, we noticed the breedings took place two weeks after our wire of money into her account for the dog. In reality we were “getting excuses” as to why Judit Beke could not ship the dog, yet she is now claiming she had Bred the dog (which we legally now owned) to 2 different bitch dogs, without even consulting with us. We were “not asked” permission, we were not offered stud fee. When we questioned “why” she would breed our dog when she was no longer legal owner, and asked where the pups were. Judit Beke advised that she and her friend Judit Szegedi “gave away” the puppies. This is HIGHLY unbelieveable. A professional breeder FCI show judge, that claims she is respected “world wide” simply does not breed “quality” dogs to merely give them away. We are now investigating if any litters were registered as none are shown. Our reproductive vet finds this highly impossible as the dog has no sperm with abnormal testicles. Therefore Judit Beke is being dishonest and has used falsified vet documents. Upon us contacting kennel Imperium Salonae to advise them of such bad conduct between Judit Beke, and Judit Szegedi, The kennel reached out to question this and never got a reply from the bitch owner. And they are highly disappointed with their quality dog they have sold to be put into the mix of such a lie. Judit Beke has done many wrongful things in this sale…..she has highly misreprestend….using fraudulant photos for his sale….she has lied, has been extremely dishonest, has used filthy vulgar language to both myself and my husband via email correspondences when asking how she will make good for a bad dog she has sold….she requested we get proper identification by our vet having the microchip scanned and included in the ltter, which we accomidated her with. Spent extra time, money. And once done Mrs Beke lost all email contact and has been ignoring our emails since October 2014. It is now January 11, 2015, and Judit Beke will still not answer our emails. Again……….this girl is a FCI show judge, and her website at > claims she breeds where “Passion Meets Professionalism”. Although we have not seen any professional behaviour on Mrs Judit Bekes behalf. Only taking $6100 Hundred Dollars to simply treat our family with much disrespect. We are clients who have paid Mrs Judit Beke a substantial amount of money of which she claimed was a top high quality show dog. And now have a dog who cannot breed, and is not worth the money we paid. Someone seriously needs to look into this young, very disrespectful girl who claims via email to us that she is “known world wide” and well respected, and that “no one would ever believe us”. That is a total disgrace for a breeder, show judge. .

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