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Published: 02 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

So, Ladies and gentlemen, I met this individual on internet chat room windows , tech support chat room… this individual offered me some work… I was interested… so I accepted his offer to go do job for $25 dollars and hour … job was suppose to take 2 hours…. it took 4 and i got paid $45…. anyway lets get this started… step 1. Ramses picks me up step 2 we go to gas station hes nice buys me pack of cigigarets…. step 3… we start driving to the job its about 70 miles away…. so the ride is easy 45 minutes I was not aware that i’m not getting paid for this time so now ride therei s 45 minutes ride back 45 minutes atleast so thats over 90 minutes gone! he takes out weed soon as we leave the gas station….. says lets smoke… I DONT DO DRUGS I’m CLEAN I WAS VERY OFFENDED … after that he takes out XANAX and tries to offer me some….. I DID NOT ACCEPT AND WILL NOT . so now i’m in a vehicle which smells like marijuana and this individual has drugs in back seat behind me…. I was scared shitless because if we got pulled over there could be jail time. step 4 we arrive at the location … the entire car is fogged out smells like pot… ( and he wouldnt let me smoke a cig) yet hes smoking a GIANT BLUNT OF POT… step 5 we go inside i’m in fear of client smelling like pot… so we go inside hes very disorganized… he cant tell diffrence between a BNC cable and Ethernet… he asks me to disconnect cameras and switches… so I DO i fallow his instructions… for 3 hours…. step 6. last hour was GREAT he was just basicly telling me to piss off everytime i asked him what are we doing next? when can we leave? I felt like i was held hostage working with this guy… he runs HOT and COLD more then water faucet. step 7. so after scared whole time during drive and then at the job site not given any authority to do anything other then go unplug and plug things in …. this individual was very self centered , very mean when you asked questions , and I can see the store manager at the location we were at how he was reading him…. I came in ready to knock job out …. he was stoned out of his mind took extra 2 hours to do nothing…. on top of all that we waited 45 minutes to get final sign off…. we jump back in car… he drives me home and says i have another job for us on tuesday ( at this point in my mind i’m thinking no freaking way ) this guy is high as shit all time …. hes not really a smart technician i can tell from working with him for first few hours … hes more a DO BOY a person who takes orders an does what told… except he cant even do that right…. step 8 he asks me for my ID says I need your information to pay you for Tuesday job…. this asshole now threatens me in chat room posting my information publicly… saying all sort of bad things…. so few days pass… I call him ask him to to pay me my remainder balance what he owes me… GUESS WHAT he claims that they did not pay him… which is bullshit beacuse I VERIFIED and he got PAID THE FULL BALANCE… so now he wont pay me what he owes mea and he CANCELS the job with me on tuesday Job we did was a Total Wine Job that is coming up on Tuesday the 2nd is WALMART in DAVIE…. I will let the company know they better be prepared to drug test this theif asshole…. BUT WAIT! not done yet… so basicly this job….. he paid me $45 dollars for 4 in half hours of work….. and 90 minutes of driving…. i’m still scared and shook up by this Ramses careless actions… so if your looking to hire a HIGH technician this is your guy HE SMOKES POT WHILE HE DRIVES ( DUI ) AND POPS PILLS …. also he bragged about how much he to take painpills and sniff 10 – 20 pills a day… honestly at this point i was in FEAR for my life… this guy was suppose to be CLEAN cut straight edge guy… I was expecting to make $100 dollars for 4 hours of work… and do lots of future business…. I FEEL that its only correct to lett the world know that this individual …. is a DRUG addict with wheels… driving with pills , smoking weed and dangerious person….. he wil get into accident doing drugs like he does … at this point I WAS JUST HAPPY TO MAKE IT HOME SAFE…. I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS INDIVIDUAL…. HES A LIER… A THEIF DRUG ADDICT AND IF YOU GET INTO HIS CAR … GOD KNOWS WHAT HE HAS BEHIND YOUR SEAT! HE TOOK THE DRUGS FROM BEHIND MY SEAT! WHICH MEANS IF WE GOT PULLED OVER I WOULD BE IN JAIL BECAUSE OF HIS ACTIONS! Ramses H. Trejos This is the guy! 33 year old man who takes XANAX, before he goes to any job… then he rolls a joint or blunt before he goes and see’s any clients. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO STAY AWAY FROM THIS INDIVIDUAL DO NOT WORK FOR HIM DO NOT WORK WITH HIM HES A THEIF DRUG ADDICT AND WILL PUT YOUR LIFE IN DANGER WITH THE POLICE AND AFTER I ASKED HIM FOR MY $$$ HE THREATNED ME AND SAID THAT HES GOING TO COME OVER AND DO ALL SORTS OF VIOLENT THIGNS…. I WARNED HIM TOLD HIM I HAVE A PITBULL AND I WILL BE NOTIFYING THE POLICE IF HE COMES NEAR MY HOME…. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN LESSON TO LEARN HERE IS …. YOU CANT TRUST PEOPLE ON INTERNET AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO… THIS GUY PUT MY LIFE IN DANGER HE ROBBED ME HE DID NOT COMPLETE THE JOB AND NOW MY MISSION IS TO LET PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT THE WAY HE OPERATES…. HES 33 YEAR OLD GUY FROM MIAMI I POSTED ENOUGH LINKS TO FIND HIM SO YOU GUYS CAN STAY AWAY FROM HIM. .

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