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Published: 17 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I met Bill Piecuch a couple of days before I graduated. He offered me and my friends jobs collecting money from businesses for TADD. Now we think he was following us. Two weeks later without a job I found his number and called him. He offered me $8.25 an hour for 20 hours a week to be a TADD representative and said he’d personally train me. I met him the following Thursday at the same strip mall and we started right away. He did all the talking and was very persuasive and the more I heard him talk the more I was impressed by TADD. He introduced me as a new volunteer he was training and said there were dozens/100’s like me in the life saving business raising money for TADD. He said no amount was too small and cash was fine and they would be recognized on his website and in the safe driving planners. He told them he worked for nothing and he paid me with his own money so every penny went to save lives. A couple of the places said he’d have to talk to the owner/manager but the others gave us something. Bill said we could setup a table and collect money from the public and/or go to another area. He suggested we take his van to another area but I said I would follow him. We ended up going to lunch where he talked and talked. Telling me all the big companies that supported TADD and how easy it was for him to get businesses to donate. He went on and on about his close personal contacts in the police and FBI that would get involved whenever he needed an endorsement or someone crossed him. He said a millionaire named fat something had insulted him and TADD a couple of years ago but he would never forget it and had the FBI and people around the country working to take him down. I think he sensed me pulling back bored/weirder out so he said I’d be better suited to make videos for TADD. He was obviously annoyed that I hadn’t seen the TADD videos on the site and You Tube but said to meet him at the same place the next day and after we called on some businesses he would film me making public service announcements I thought at the office. I’m sure he paid for lunch and made a big deal of giving me $10 for gas with money we had collected. I really didn’t want to meet him again but I didn’t want to insult him either so I went. I asked him if I would fill out the necessary forms when we got to the office and he said we’d get to them before payday. But instead of calling on businesses he got out a camera to film right in the parking lot. He got ready to video tape me and told me to tell a story about how my boyfriend drank and drove and he and my best friend were killed when my boyfriend ran off the road. I said I thought I was going to have a script teaching teenagers not to drink and drive. He said this approach was better and it could be my brother or a girl that drove drunk. Then he got sunglasses and a hat from his van and said it might be easier for me if I put them on and I should just start talking and it would come to me. I blubbered that I was sorry but this wasn’t the right work for me and said not to worry about paying me. At first he got all apologetic and said something about having lunch to talk about it. When I said no thank you he got all haughty and said he was paying me to save lives and as I got in the car something about the police and FBI. Now, this is what I have since learned about William M. Piecuch, Jr and TADD. Bill Piecuch is a fraud (I already knew he was creepy) and TADD is a scam. When we were collecting money I told him I had never heard of the safe driving planner and he got defensive and changed the subject. I’ve talked to students from six area high schools and none have heard of the safe driving planner. I cannot find a single reference to the planners anywhere but on the TADD site. And why would you give 8th graders a SAFE DRIVING planner anyway. The planner he carried round only had a couple of pages and looked like it was printed before the internet. There is no place on the TADD site about ordering the safe driving planner but there are lot of places about giving money. The TADD address 121 Hillgrove Avenue La Grange, IL 60525 is the address of the U.S. Post Office in La Grange. B-486 is his P.O. Box. The reason you can’t read the 501 c3 IRS letter on the TADD site is because TADD is not a registered nonprofit. Although Bill Piecuch has been saying that TADD is a registered nonprofit for years it was only a nonprofit for a brief period before the IRS revoked it. The Victim’s Unique Story video on the TADD site is a complete fabrication just like the video he wanted me to make. The only content on the site that is original is fake. Stay away from William M. Piecuch, Jt. And Teens Against Drunk Driving.

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