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Published: 15 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

We have been in a legal battle with ken wright of toby tailgater since we hired an attorney in january of 2014. We went to a franchise show in february of 2013 and met with a couple who purchased a franchise territory in fl. They purchased 3 counties and a cafe trailor from ken wright and assisted him at the franchise show to try and sell more trailors and territories in fl. We met with ken and became a bit friendly with this couple who realized that the 3 counties they purchased were too much for them to handle. It was decided that we would purchase a truck from ken and work with this couple since their territory was large. We orderd the truck/mobile cafe and had been advised that ken had a 90 day gaurantee that if things did not work out and he would take the truck/territoy back and refund your money. As we were nearing the delivery of the truck this couple decided they wanted to keep their territory which now left us in a bind. Ken had offered to loan us money to purchase our own territory and luckily we refused. He advise us that he was doing so many franchise shows that he would be able to sell the truck for us. Months went by and he always had ” a guy givng hin a check next week” or he had 2 people interested and this went on for months. He never called us and many times did not return our calls until my husband left him a message that if he was not going to call us back we would need to look at alternatives to this situation. He would than call us back. In april of 2013 he asked us if we would give him the truck to use at his franchis shows and if he sold it he would give us the money and even if he did not sell it he would pay us $31,000 by june 30th 2013. He tried to get my husband to give him the title which my husband did not. He never contacted us or returned any of our calls from june 2013 and in january of 2014 we hired an attorney.It has been a battle and of course we are dealing with a con man. I read the report posted on ken on this site and decided to write my own story. I see that he did the same thing to this guy as he did with us as we never gave him the title to the truck either and this man advised that ken went to the company that built the truck and got a new title. I assume he did the same with ours. I just spoke with another victim in nc and he has a story and was given a truck with no title. He states on his websites that he is based out if kansas city missouri but the guy lives in chariton iowa with his wife gaylene.Watch out as he brings her around when he is wooing you into buying from him. Trys to portray the family man. I wonder how she can live with herself being married to a liar and a cheat. When he is trying to sell you the franchise he brings up his son weston wright who is an attorney in amarillo texas who is a partner for burdett morgan williamson & boykin. He states that he handles all of his legal matters which cannot be true as he hired an attorney from tampa fl to represent him with us unless a texas attorney cannot handle a case in fl. I hope weston knows his dead beat dad throws his name around, personally would not think that would be good business for burdette morgan williamson & boykin. If he tries to sell you on a successful guy named quinn who owns all these trailers in texas beware, i beleive he has a son named landon quinn, probably the same person. We will never see our money so the next best thing is to try and use social media to warn everyone of this man and his “tailgater toby franchise”. The sad part about all of it is our justice system. This guy should be in jail and he is still walking around selling this franchise. I have called out to the abc affiliated news team in chariton iowa and will be telling my story. I have spoken with 3 of the 9 victims and hope to speak to the other 6 as soon as possible because we do not know how many more people he has scammed My final words beware of ken wright and anybody associated with him and toby taligater

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