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Published: 13 June 2019

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Neal Grusky, of the rock band Takara, willfuly and fraudulently plagiarizes songs and publishes them for profits measuring in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. My name is Mark Del papa, or Mark Anthony Del Papa. I am the original author of songs that Neal Grusky of Takara fraudulently and illegally claims to be his. Neal Grusky has admitted to defrauding me. However, Neal Grusky continues to publish my copy written materials as his. The legal definition of fraud, copy write infringement as well as plagiarism have all been perpetrated by Neal Grusky against me, He has met all the criteria. I wrote a song called “Questions of the heart”, Neal Grusky changed it to Passions of the heart, The song contained my lyrics and melodies. There are four others in which Grusky uses a similar modus operandi with his accomplices to defraud myself, the original author out of a undisclosed fortune. Neal Grusky of the band Takara woefully proffered a fraudulent copy write with his accomplice “Jeff scott Soto” who was the singer for the renown rock bands Journey and Yngwie Malmsteen, all of this was done specifically for monetary gain in exsess of hundreds of thousands of dollars and counting. (These figures are accurate according to Neal in his own writings to me via email. Neal Grusky of the band Takara to continues to illegally publish works that do not belong to him, sell the work that he does not rightfully own for up to $20 a unit, and fraudulently and colect these monies and royalties, to this day! All illegal! These works include but are not limited to the CD ” Eternal Faith” “Eternity best of 93-98”. and hundreds of links of live performances. Mr Grusky of Takara recently published a song called “Final Warning” which was plagiarized off of a demo given to him by me in 1990. Oh ironically the song was called “Final Warning” Do we see the sense of entitlement here? Mr Grusky admits to selling hundreds of thousands of CD’s of my music world wide, Yet I was never leagally adressed as the author of such works, I have never received a penny in royalties Though Mr, Neal Grusky has paid Jeff Scott Soto in excess of $50,000.00 just in session cost not counting royalties and live performance fees. TAKARA”S NEAL GRUSKY AND JEFF SCOTT SOTO HAve NO CREDIBILITY AS A SONG WRITERs IN THE EYES OF MANY IN THE MUSIC COMMUNITY IN LIEU OF THESE INDISPUTABLE FACTS. Not only is this complaint completely true, and backed up by meticulous documentation, but Neal Grusky of the band Takara also conspired and persuaded his lead vocalist Jeff Scott Soto to take songs and ideas that were not his and fraudulently copywriter them thus commuting a Federal Crime a felony! Neal Grusky and Jeff Scott Soto even sent me their emails documenting their conversations and conspiracy to cover up their crimes. No kidding, weather they intended to do so is still a mystery, But I have the emails between them which incriminate the both of them. Both Neal Grusky and Jeff Scott Soto CONTINUE to record and publish them world wide. This is a felony! I addressed Mr Grusky regarding the crimes he perpetrated against me and my intellectual property. Mr Grusky agreed to pay restitution and to “Cease and Desist” with all illegally published materials that are related to my work., Neal Grusky also agreed not publish any materials in regards to this matter that did not have a legal and credible copy write. Mr Grusky agreed to make a public apology on You Tube explaining his remorse. Mr Grusky AGREED to only publish song that he and I wrote or that I wrote in a in a LEGAL manner. None of these promises from Neal Grusky of Takara were kept. This raises serious questions about Mr Neal Grusky’s business ethics as he continues to steal songs, copy write them fraudulently, and publish them ILLEGALLY world wide for substantial profits. I am seeking restitution, Grusky recently left over thirty texts on my phone at an ungodly hour i (3 A.M.) All these texts reflected anger, scoffing and laughing at me, threatening to sue me, THE VICTIM. If Mr, Grusky has integrity he will make restitution, make this situation right, I am willing to forgive much of what I feel was irreparable harm to my career and finances and emotion well being. But Neal Grusky has to approach this as a man, Do the right thing Neal. Otherwise, I have every right to document the evidence and make it readily available to the public as to prevent this from happening to any other unsuspecting business associates of Neal Grusky or Jeff Scott Soto. Neal Grusky and Jeff Scott Soto have both perpetrated heinous crimes against Grusky’s attitude is far from humble and his perceived sense of entitlement that is mind boggling and aggravating. I have a good lawyer. Neal and Jeff, this is far from over.

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