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Published: 09 August 2022

Posted by: Anonymous

I am a student who is currently attending Talladega College. The school needs to be investigated. I feel as though they are embezzling our money. On this campus if you are not sleeping with the administration then you are not helped. Let me break you in on a little information; on this campus majority of the administration is gay (which is not a problem) the problem is that if you are a straight person going to this school or working for this school, you are consequently under attack. They recently set up a man who was working at the school because he would not have sexual contact with another male who also works at the campus. Another big issue that was swept under the rug was the are cults within the school, a group of students and a few administration members are in a cult together. These students who are members of the cult, always have their tuition on time, books free, new cars and never have to attend one class, as long as they attend the church on Sundays. The dorm costs almost as much as the tuition itself and there are Rats and Roaches in our dorm rooms, sleeping with us at night and eating our food in the morning. The cafe is almost 2000$ and there is never enough food to feed the students and a constant flow of Flies all around the food we are consuming on a daily basis. Anytime we eat in the cafe we either have flu like symptoms or a bad case of diarrhea. If you walk around the campus you will see signs that they posted up that state, if you get a friend to enroll, you will be giving 500$ and a free 100$ book voucher. In our tuition it states that books are to be included, we have been in school for 4 weeks now and still have no books and no book vouchers; last time we had books was in 2009 and they used other peoples books, combined them together and formed their own books; I do believe they might have been sued for that incident. The school is unsafe, people are getting jumped, raped, and shot at. The school really needs to be investigated. Please help us, we came to get an education not a life lesson on living the street life

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