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Published: 27 May 2018

Posted by: automatik911

[protected] nodal gj [protected] nodal gj direct line [protected] nodal maha [protected] appellate gj appellate.[protected]@tatadocomo.com nodalofficer.[protected]@tatatel.co.in [protected] compl no. Jatin, Pooja, Nirlip Rawal, Exec who gave complaint number, Shammii, Jiji, Kalpesh Mr Nirlep, I’m a walky customer since 2004. Recently i got the old phone whose battery had stopped working, exchanged for a C2 model phone. This new phone has a big malfunction. Whenever the “call failed” message appears on the screen, it is accompanied by an extremely loud beep. Maybe loud enough to make someone deaf if heard too many times, in any case it is very uncomfortable and it induces a violent reflex action that makes the caller jerk the phone away from the ear. Due to this malfunction i have forbidden my mother from using it, she has recently developed a severe ENT condition. I myself use the phone carefully and first put teh phone on speaker after dialing and only after the call connects do i switch the speaker off. This is not the way to use a phone. The reasoning of the old phone being “company-owned” and this one being “customer-owned” is incredible. The bottomline is i purchased a product from Tata Indicom and the product is faulty to the point of being hazardous. I’m pretty sure the fault exists not just in my particular phone but in every C2 model issued by Tata. What i’d really like to see is Tata recalling back every C2 phone from the market and giving proper phones to customers along with severe apologies, but since this kind of thing only happens in USA and elsewhere with million dollar lawsuits, i’d just like to see my phone exhanged for my old model phone or the grey coloured model. Below is a summary of the interaction i’ve had with CSRs and your office staff about this problem. First i dialled 121 someone called Jatin spoke bashfully and said neither will my phone be excahnged nor will anyone come to repair it let alone replace it. Then i tried to call your office several times and finally got to speak to Pooja. She gave an oversmart solution that i should reduce the volume of my phone (as if i had not already tried that). The phone has 7 volumes levels (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14). I kept the volume bang in the middle at 8 and still the problem persisted. I called her again and explained to her and asked to speak to you, she said you were in a meeting. This was 4:30 PM, i tried several times after that all the way to 6:00 PM. Either the phone was deliberately placed off the hook or way too many other irate customers or persistent nuts like me were calling. Either way i could connect to her only once at 5:34 PM and you were still busy in a meeting. I said i’m going to keep calling until i reach you, i have the luxury of time and the passion for righting wrong, so there’s going to be giving up. I tried 121 again but this time the CSR gave me a complaint number – [protected] and assured me that an engineer would come home and solve the problem. This turn of events made me want to complain to you even more. Why was i refused the last time and why have i been accomodated this time. Is this a game of getting the customer tired to make him/her give up? I reached Shammi at your office at 6:11 PM and told him that of course your meeting would have ended as it is past 6 PM (your nodal office timings are 11-6 correct?) but that i will call again next morning and every day until i reach you. Why do you put the timings 11-6 and then go attend meetings from 4:30 to 6 PM? Then next day your phone is as if off the hook and not availble when i tried calling from 11 AM to 12:30 PM at which time your engineer finally came, all he came and did was reduce the key beep volume which ahs not resolved the problem. I tried making calls many times on teh phone in order to get the call failed message and the loud beep from receive) which is ‘extremely’ hazardous to the ear. Since even in 30 odd calls the message did not appear the problem could not be even identified by the engineer let alone being solved. But since this “chalta hai” attitude is present in all Tata Indicom operations i was not surprised to see him leave without solving my problem but not before making the call to his boss and getting a “problem solved” status on customer approved accountability, like there is an, sheet. I spoke toa very irritating lady who he called and i told that it isnt the engineer’s fault that the “call failed” message failed to appear but yet it is not correct to set the problem status to resolved and report back with a message saying “no problem found”. Then i tried calling 121Helpline many times as well as your highness’ number which never connects. I tried Mumbai nodal office number and it connected on first try. What’s wrong with you? While he was there i tried calling 121 and telling them that the problem isn’t being resolved, they said the following phrases in a complete un-CSR like decorum – “old phone company owned” “new phone customer owned” “go to the tata indicom office/service centre” “no we will not send engineer if problem happens again” “go buy 1000 rupees new phone” etc. This CSR’s name was jiji, or something. Then next day i called and spoke to Kalpesh who repeated all the above along with telling me that now we will not send engineer again. Your phone is customer-owned thus there is no liability on Tata to repair it but engineer was sent because we are customers since 2004. He spoke as if his word is law that this phone will not be exchanged and that this problem exists in every phone. I told him to give me any other phone’s model number which has this kind of ###ed beep on call failed/network failure situation. He had no answer. Then next day i went to the Tata Indicom HQ at sub-jail Surat. At the front reception itself i was handed over a small chit displaying the address of Kyocera service centre at Mirambica Building. While i was in the process of explaining the problem. I had carried the phone with me so that i could have shown them the problem. It happend at least 5 times in 24 hours again since the engineer came. They could have witnessed it and explained to your 121 CSR that the problem indeed exists which could take forward the phone replacement procedure. But no, why bother. Ot worse, you all know of this problem and since we are so un-USA lawsuit system and product recall orders, you believe in making the customer tired if he ever tried to take complains forwars. So deliberately sweeping thr problem under the carpet won’t help one bit. The Kyocera Service Centre is a paid-service centre, you expect me to pay to repair a phone i’ve in fact purchased from you for a decent amount of money, when the problem existed since the product was manufactured, which incidently has also seen other exact complaints from other unfortunate customers who fell for the phone exchange scam by Tata and got handed over these deafness-inducing pieces of $%@#. I very well know the addresses of Customer Grievence Cell and Consumer Court. The non-Tata Service Centre told me that this problem cannot be solved and that it cannot be repaired. So i have no option but to buy a new phone for Rs. 1000. Why the [email protected] @??? I’ve paid for a proper phone and when you exchange it you had two options the big grey phone or this C2 crap. I was given no choice in getting the grey phone as it was ‘supposed’ to be out of stock when it was plainly displayed acorss all Tata Indicom Shops. I was not told all this ownership tranfer BS and wasn’t even told that this phone doesn’t have SMS. As if that is a small defect and it was also brushed under the carpet by focussing on a useless function you provide – that of dial up internet through the phone ‘ i purchased a cable worth Rs 600 (a bigger waste of Rs. 600 i’ve never done) to make the net work which never installed or worked since there were many different cables for net and the software cd was crap too. I wasn’t returned my money for teh cable when the same cable in the market costs Rs. 150 and works. I was told the same grey phone (which was out of stock above) in the market costs only Rs. 300. So the damn cable is more expensive than the price of the damn phone. Whoa! Brialliant Tata, if all your ventures provide such hapless pricing then Nano belong to the dump yard i guess. Anyway so there’s no one and no where to repair or exchange this piece of #$%@ C2 Phone. Are you getting the logic here? Are you getting how incredible this situation would eb to a consumer in teh US? But we’re Indians so we work like this only, right? -Karan Bhatia 6555595 [protected] ps: forwarded to: www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/tata-indicom-gujarat-c210892.html, www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/tata-indicom-c8913.html, www.consumercourt.in/, ncdrc.nic.in/, www.consumergrievance.com/icrpc.org.courtaddress.htm, www.ccccore.co.in, india.gov.in/howdo/onlineservice_detail.php?id=1091 Reply Forward Reply Karan Bhatia to nodalofficer.g. show details 17:15 (1 minute ago) it seems customer service is deaf and dumb and aid your company in making the people literally deaf and feel dumb Subject – Deafness-inducing high-decible beep in malfuntioning phone. Problem in entire batch but product not getting recalled by Tata, unlike maybe say any company in USA or Europe would have to do

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