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Published: 22 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I went in for an interview with the studio owner and everything seemed great, the studio was clean and nice and there were seperate rooms that could be rented out for certain periods of time, each with locking doors and solid walls, etc. After a long talk about where they were headed in the future, I decided I liked the building and the owner and accepted a position there. After just one 30 mile commute through Las Vegas traffic, I realized that this studio was not gonna work out as I could not put that many miles on my car every day and, of course, it was not worth the gas. So after one shift, I told him that I wasn’t able to make the commute, and he shut down my entire webcam site, took the passwords, and said that I was just “using him for information.” I don’t know how much information I could have ever gotten from him with just one 2 1/2 hour shift, but it certainly was not enough for him to accuse me of scamming him. I spent the entire time learning how to set up the webcam to work on two sites. I could have googled this. As mentioned before, he took my Streamate account and locked it up without my consent, when I originally had my own Streamate account that I used from home. He took this already opened account and changed the settings so it would work in a studio, then when I didn’t want to work in his studio anymore, he locked it through Streamate, which they can only unlock with his permission. After all of this, I tried to be calm and just let everything go, however, I couldn’t because I hadn’t been paid yet. So I waited and waited to receive the check in the mail, since he said I would have to wait to be paid until the other models got paid at the end of the month. After maybe two weeks I started calling, texting, emailing, and even Facebook messaged the studio owner to find out why I hadn’t been paid yet or to see if it got sent to the wrong place. Come to find out, he blocked my phone number, so I started using other phones to call and no matter what I did, I could never get ahold of the studio owner. Finally, after waiting 6 weeks to be paid, I found out the check went to my old address (after I had given him the updated address on my paperwork). I put the check in the bank and was happy to be done with the whole situation. Little did I know, the owner put a stop payment on the check so after depositing it and using the money, I was charged by my bank a fee for the check and the money was taken out of my account. So now on top of gas money, I was out my entire check and the $12 fee from the bank. I had officially lost money starting that job. I had just had it at this point and decided to make the drive up to the studio to speak in person about this. When pulling up to the studio, I noticed the owners car leaving the lot so I hurried to stop him before I may not get the chance to speak with him again. After stopping the car, the owner gets out and I let him know, calmly and politely, that I had not been able to reach him and that I hadn’t been paid yet. I told him that I had called multiple times and that I had never been able to get ahold of him. He responded loudly that he put a stop payment on the check because it hadn’t been cashed yet (within just 4 weeks of him sending it) and that it wasn’t his responsibility to get ahold of me after that. I explained to him that I had been trying to get ahold of him and I was even able to provide proof of each text message, phone call, and email that I had made to him. He was very loud and irate at this point saying that he was worth millions and didn’t care about my measly little check and that if he had the cash he would just pay me right there. I consistently repeated, “I do not want to argue or fight with you, I just simply want to be paid the money that I earned.” A male witness to the event stepped in and tried to mediate and Mr. Seifert replied, “I don’t want to hear your f****** voice right now” and continued to curse at me instead. Finally, I said I didn’t care any longer what he had to say and that if he didn’t pay me I would be taking him to court. He replied telling me that he needed my new address and for me to send it. I said I would but that I couldn’t get ahold of him! Rather than unblocking my phone number like an adult, he had me use the witnesses phone to text my new address to him. In the end, I received the check, but not enough to cover the insufficient funds fee in my bank. I just want other girls to know what this guy is doing to people out there. I thought this was going to be an excellent opportunity and it turned into a really big pain. Just take my advice, don’t go to this studio. It’s all too good to be true. .

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