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Published: 28 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I found a car on Craigslist 2001 Honda Accord V6 great condition for $2400. I decided to buy it so I called and told the sales rep Winston bring it to my job let me check. He came with the car I test drove it feel in love we negotiated on the price and agreed I’d pay only $1900. I paid $1400 down received the car and a bill of sale and we agreed to finalize it the next day by me paying the remainder of $500 and he bringing the title back to me. The next day he showed up and we then agreed to me only paying $220 that day and he coming back that Tuesday for $280 and then the title became mine. That Monday night I got pulled over by the police because the tags were expired. Then he became suspicious of the vin number and had the vin checked out. I gave him the bill of sale he told me the bill of sale looked suspicious but decide to just arrest me for some tickets of mine. My girlfriend was contacted by Winston and inquired about me not showing up to pay him he was informed I had been arrested but she was able and ready to finalize on my behave. She inquired about insurance for the vehicle cause he had to get it out the pound cause legally the car was still in his name and he had to be the one to get it out but she would pay the fees. He replied, “Why would I have insurance for a car I’m not driving.” and she said ,”Because she would get some and for him to let her know when he would be able to meet her and they get the car out of the pound. From Dec.14th to Dec.23rd an effort on our end was being made to contact Mr.Winston about proceeding with business about this car. He didn’t answer his phone later so he was out of town and then that he had to discuss it with his brother Mr. Marcus. New Years came and still no word from them but and effort was still made from her or I to pay the fees the remaining balance and insure the vehicle. On the second of January my girlfriend decide to call and find out how much was the car gonna be to get out as of that day and was informed that the car had already been claimed by Mr.Winston on the 23rd of December. Really Man we was walking Christmas eve and Christmas and uhh what did you say? I lost my job cause I could get to work we lost our domain cause we had no money and you done went got the car been had it and what?? I Still feel stupid and its Feb. 1st. I decided to go pay them a visit on Jan30 to tell him keep the car just give me $100 of my money back. These people who did not know that they was about to actually do something to make us all look really stupid decided to give me a bill for $2300. WTF IS THIS FOR ??storage fees ??The car wash being stored by you cause I needed it to be the car was the cause you didn’t wanna let me finish buying it bro!!STRAIGHT RIP OFF!!YOU TRYING AND MAY SUCCEED AT STRAIGHT UP RIPPING ME OFF MAN…MR.WINSTON AND MR.MARCUS AT TECHTRONIX INC OR AUTO AND BODY EST IN 2012 annual revenue of 99000 and has approximately 2 staff members which are you two .See I knew who I was dealing with you didn’t.Ya’ll could make alot more money and be able to hire more people so you could expand if you’d actually sell somebody a car and not keep recycling the same one you started out with 3 years ago.THATS GOOD ADVICE THAT I’LL BE SURE TO BILL YOU FOR OK!!!! .

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