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Published: 02 July 2019

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We had a pipe behind our washer burst, which flooded our kitchen, laundry room, hallway and little bathroom. The next morning we called our insurance company (State Farm) to let them know of the flood, a women from the agents office asked who we called to come in and dry our floors and wall and after telling them this was our very first homeowners claim and that we called Temple Crabbe Home Inspection Services. The woman said not to worry that he was on there list as rebitutable This being our very first claim in 34 years we were sure that Temple Crabbe was a reputable company so we went with them so we could get the renovation started. At first they said it will take 3 weeks to complete the renovations. State Farm put myself, my wife, my son and my daughter in law up in a hotel. Instead of this renovation taking 3 weeks, we were there for 3 months from September 26th to December 16th while the renovation was going on. My son and daughter in law were checking on the house to see how it was coming along they took pictures to show my wife and I what was getting done, as my wife and I both have some medical issues which caused us to not be able to come back into our home. Instead of redoing a whole floor they cut around the wet parts and redid some walls and my bathroom which was extra .We decided to get vinyl instead of carpet the first time they layed the vinyal down it had lots of bubbles and to this very day still has bubbles and the seams have never been sealed. They did not lay enough glue down which is why the seams never sealed on the floor. They have refused to come back into our home to fix the seals, in the kitchen they covered a vent and they did not match up the stone vinyl. The first time Jennifer our daughter in law went to use the dishwasher it flooded the kitchen floor as it was not reinstalled correctly. Then later we found out that we have no insulation up we called and asked why their wern’t any isulation they said they only covered what was damaged which wasnt much and they used wall insulation and put it upside down. When we were unpacking we nocticed some of our stuff wasnt wrapped up right or not at all i had a deep fryer that they put in a box with the oil still in it a glass punchbowl set was put on the bottom of a box then we found some of my mother in laws hummells were not wrapped with care. They are 50 years old and cannot be replaced and after we fussed at them for how they wrapped our stuff we supponsley threatend them. and they then decided not to come back, because of no insulation we have bugs and they used our vents as a dumping ground for dirt and debris. They said they did not cut wood in the house and we found it in the vent when we then got somebody to clean our ducts. The dust and debris was so bad that it put my father in law in the hospital and tried to tell us that we were using the VA and that my mother in law was a abuser and taker and a bitch and a lier. Now Temple Crabbe wont fix the problems they caused and when we told State Farm to have rumsey fix these mistakes he said he was the middle man and there was nothing he could do. State Farm paid them over 35 grand ($35,000) for a work not finished and just this month we got a letter in the mail stating as of this July we are dropping you for homeowners insurance after being a loyal customer for so many years. Buyers Beware of Temple Crabbe Home Improvement .

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