Terry Lynn Shelton Morris

Let the truth be told

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Published: 23 March 2022

Posted by: Alex F. Philip

Terry Lynn Shelton Morris,  this is one of the most scandalous women I’ve ever ran across, she is a thief, a liar that will look you in the eyes even testify in court under oath and her whole testimony will be made up. She is very clever at dating multiple men and manipulating them to do her criminal activities while she gains from their illegal ventures and when they get caught she simply denies knowing anything at all, she has stolen from her whole family, made false statements of adult elderly abuse on the father from the siblings, manipulated elderly father to file restraining orders, moved her boyfriend in that was arrested on a federal charge in Idaho for drugs and claimed to the federal court that he is her fathers only caretaker, (a man that just did 15 years ) that is a Megan’s law offender. She is or was employed as a labor hand at donovan state prison. She has had multiple inmates contact her upon their release. She has been using inmates info to file false unemployment claims. She has the boyfriend and nephew do the dirty work, she is the one that put the steps into motion, she makes them do all the paper work and keeps her hands as clean as she can. The one thing she didnt think about was that there is no smart criminal. Terry lynn, will do whatever she needs to get away with whatever it is she is doing, she will go after someone’s husband, boyfriend , etc. To prove she can, she will take any personal info she can to use and ruin anybody credit, she makes herself available as if she is helping, but there is always something for her to gain from it, or she wont waste her time. DO NOT LET HER AROUND YOUR HOME AND FAMILY AND PERSONAL INFO…SHE LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING, SPENDS AND Gambles  HER MONEY THEN CALLS THE BANK CONTINUOUSLY TO CLAIM, HER DEBIT CARD WAS JEOPRADIZED. SHE ALSO DID THIS TO HER AUNT IN CARE WHILE SHE CONTROLLED HER FINANCES. SHE GAMBLED IT ALL EVERY MONTH AND CALLED THE DAUGHTER IN LAW OUT OF STATE TO PAY THE FACILITY CAUSE SHE WAS WAITING ON NEW CARDS. SHE WOULD BLAME HER FAMILY FOR THE DEBIT CARD PROBLEMS. BUT REST ASSURED IT WAS TERRY SPENDING IT ALL. THIS WOMEN HAD GOTTEN AWAY WITH EVEN CAUSING A MULTIPLE VEHICLE ACCIDENT IN THE FWY OF SAN BERNARDINO WHILE INTOCICATED, A WOMEN WAS KILLED AND SHE WAS ABLE TO MANIPULATE THE OFFICERS BECAUSE OF THE MULTIPLE CARS AND CONFUSION AND WEATHER, SHE PLAYED TO TRAMITIZED TO TAKE A DRUG AND ALCOHOL TEST . AND SHE GOT AWAY WITH VEHICLUAR MANSLAGHTER AND DOESNT THINK TWICE ABOUT IT. NOR THE POOR WOMEN OR FAMILY THST SHE TORE APART. THIS IS ONLY A VERY SMALL BIT OF TERRY LYNN SHELTON MORRIS. BEWARE PEOPLE SHE NEEDS TO BE LOCKED UP. SAD FOR THE PEOPLE THST SHE HAS FOOLED AND WONT BELIEVE ANY OF RHIS UNTIL THEY LIVE IT WITH HER. AND TRUST ME THEY WILL FIND OUT THE HARD WAY. SHE IS FROM COLTON AND HIGHLAND, CALIFORNIA

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