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Published: 22 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My story with the Texas Attorney General actually begins 14 years ago. When my ex and I had our child support order put into place, my ex was ordered to have his wages garnished and payments be issued through the Texas Attorney General’s Office. I never received any money and I contacted the Attorney General’s office continuously, but could never receive any assistance. I contacted my Local House of Representatives, who contacted my local Texas A.G’s office and what do you know, I started receiving child support. About a year after receiving child support, my ex decided that he did not like what he was paying and wanted to have a review so back we went. He was told to bring his pay stubs to the review. He of course did not. He lied about what he was making, I knew this because I was friends with his cousin who worked where he did and later told me that he had lied about his income, so the Attorney General lowered his child support. He was also supposed to be carrying health insurance on my son, but would not carry it. He was also at this point several thousand behind in child support and they did not add anything to his payment for arrearage. In 2006, we went back to court for another review and to get his arrearage issue addressed, due to the fact that he was over $10,000 behind at this point. He lied again about his income and his child support was lowered. I was also give the opportunity to carry health insurance, which he was ordered to pay for, but the arrearage was once again not addressed. We are now in 2014, I have requested a review as it has been 8 years since there has been one. The Attorney General had told me that they had no clue where my ex was. I wasn’t sure where he was either, as he walked out of my son’s life many years ago, but by using our newfound Social Media, within about 2 seconds, I found that he had moved to Colorado. I informed the Attorney General where he was. They sent him a packet and informed me that he states that he does not make more than he did 8 years ago. Now, I am not an idiot, no person is going to state that they make more when they do not want to make any more. I informed the lady at the Attorney General’s Office of this. I also informed her that in 14 years, he has never paid for any of my son’s medical bills, school supplies, school clothes, extracurricular activities, etc. I do not want anything from him, but it would have been nice to have had some assistance. I have struggled all this time, while he was out taking trips all of the world, buying new vehicles, buying motorcycles, etc. As he just posted on Facebook the other day that he just purchased a Brand New Motorcycle, but he does not make any more money. Now I find that hard to believe. Another thing is I sent emails to the Attorney General every other day for 6 weeks, I would call daily during my lunch period, if they answered, I was placed on hold and they would never return. I could only get a response from them I filed a complaint. The Attorney General Child Support Division, acts as if this is not our Children’s money and that we are asking for something from them or our government or something for free. How is it that the other parent is allowed to live their life and do as they want, but we have to explain to our child or children that we simply do not have the money or cannot afford it, or for some people, actually have to get assistance from the government because of these dead beat parents, but yet we are treated badly because we want assistance in getting what is rightfully ours. This is 20% of pay. If they were still involved in a relationship, wouldn’t it be much more than that. So what are they complaining about? Also, I guess they should have thought about that before they decided to have a child. These children did not ask for this. I surely did not get pregnant so I could have this fight for 18 years and have to deal with this jerk and the jerks at the Attorney General’s office who are there just to collect a pay check and are not willing to help these children. If there is anybody that is willing to help me get a review and get what is rightfully my sons then please contact me.

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