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Published: 18 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If this is too long to read, the short version is that the dealership represented themselves as being from the manufacturer, which was a lie, and promised me that I would be finalizing paperwork the next week, so we could go over numbers at that time, so I didn’t need to worry about the monetary details yet. I called every day trying to get someone to call me back, then learned I had bought the vehicle with none of the items we discussed included, had my other car valued @ 10k under blue book and qualified for no discounts whatsoever. They also promised me if I decided no the car I would have a very similiar payment as I currently had, but instead, it went up 300. In short, they lied about everything and are unwilling to discuss any of it. The letter below is what I sent wtih my initial complaint. I went to Nissan of Grapevine on April 30. I was having my Murano inspected before meeting with a representative from Nissan manufacturing on 5/5/2015 to discuss any mechanical issues or concerns I had with my 2014 Murano. I purchased a 2014 Murano last year that has been in the shop multiple times with numerous problems. I was finally in the arbitration stage with Nissan and was supposed to meet them May 5, 2015, to discuss resolution. I wanted another dealership to inspect the car first so I could see how their findings lined up with what the Nissan rep told me today. I had already had repairs done on the Murano and anticipated it would be fine, but wanted another opinion that I felt Nissan would accept. Upon inspection, the service center of Nissan Grapevine told me my Murano was in great shape and worth full trade-in value. While I was speaking with him, a man, Sabre Ray, walked in and told me he was with the manufacturer, and wanted to go ahead and take care of my “situation” while I was there. As you can imagine, I was surprised there was a Nissans rep there at that time. I confirmed this with Sabre several times, and it wasn’t until I was leaving and saw his card that I realized he was NOT with Nissan. There were multiple occasions throughout the day that I asked Sabre to confirm he could speak for the manufacturer, and he did so immediately, even saying that he knew my car was in arbitration. He told me he had all of the details on my Murano, and that he had just “hung up from a call with the manufacturer.” He apologized for my experience thus far and told me Nissan wanted to “take care of me,” to ensure I was a “happy customer” who “had a great experience” and “didn’t bad mouth Nissan on social media.” Please see below for a more detailed synopsis. 1) When I was checking out from the service center, Sabre came in and introduced himself. He told me he was a manufacturer’s rep and wanted to “take care of my situation now,” since he was there and able to do so (as opposed to waiting until the following week). 2) Sabre assured me my current arbitration suit would not be impacted if I traded my car in now, and said that Nissan had agreed to refund the difference in the trade-in value vs what you could offer me. He stated that your offer was low due to “mechanical issues”. I asked why the Nissan service center just told me it was in great shape, and Sabre told me “not to worry about it” because he had spoken with Nissan and they would be refunding me to make up for the loss. (The loss refers to KBB trade-in value vs what you gave me for the trade in (range for my murano = $26,800 – $28,000)). 3) I ASKED HIM AGAIN IF HE WAS SURE I COULD DO THIS AND STILL GET A SETTLEMENT FROM NISSAN, AND HE SAID “YES!” 4) He then told me to sign a certain form so I could borrow the car for a few days before deciding. 5) I agreed, and told him I wanted several things added to the pathfinder, such as a bumper protector, towing package, cargo cover, floor mats, etc., and he said they would be added. In addition, he told me I would have gap coverage, maintenance, oil changes and car washes for several years. There wasn’t any discussion about the number of years he meant. 6) We agreed that I would pay $3250 down (never a discussion about overall cost or what the final numbers would be), and finance the rest for 54 months for x25 a month (I’m not being sly, I honestly don’t remember beyond the months, the down and something 25. I know it wasn’t substantially more than the $635 I pay now). He also told me I would not have a payment this month. I counted on this, and was shocked to see that Nissan deducted the funds for the murano from my account today. 7) Tam came in at this point. We agreed to 30 days out for the first payment (mind you, I still thought this was just preliminary paperwork). Tam told me someone would call me the next day to schedule a service appointment for me to get the car washed, add the tow package, bumper, etc. Tam confirmed I would STILL BE GETTING MONEY FROM NISSAN. I did not consent to having my credit run again, as I already had a loan, and I wanted to be sure that everything worked out with my murano. Tam said it would not be a problem. I repeated that I would not sign anything unless I was still able to settle the murano fiasco, and he told me that he talked to Sabre and it was all taken care of. I told Tam I was going to need a statement explaining why I hadn’t gotten full value on the trade in, and what the problems were, and he agreed I would receive it and that Nissan wouldn’t require anything else, per Sabre. 8) Bryson gave me the key (yes, 1 key, not 2, no paperwork, no information on the car) and told me I’d receive a call. I didn’t. I told Bryson I would be very upset if I didn’t hear from anyone, or if anything I was told wasn’t true. He gave me his cell phone and said I could check in with him if Nissan said anything different. He also told me he understood my situation and was speaking with management on my behalf. I feel that I have been misled. I didn’t approve the credit check, but it was run. Sabre doesn’t work for Nissan and was never on the phone with Nissan working out “my situation.” I haven’t seen any numbers, not even cost, but I have a sneaking suspicion they will be completely different than what I discussed with Sabre. The bottom line is that I paid additional money for the pathfinder and STILL had my murano payment taken out of my bank. Then, I lost the arbitration hearing because I no longer have my first vehicle, and I was not only NOT COMPENSATED FOR IT, when I finally demanded to see this paperwork the dealership was referring to, they charged me for all kinds of things they had said they would cover, did not give me the trade in value that we discussed, nor did they add on any of the itmes they were going to add on once I finalized the paperwork. This is all the more disappointing because I really enjoy the pathfinder, but hate feeling that I’ve been taken advantage of. I’d like to have my car back so I can reopen my case with Nissan, come to a resolution on my murano and then look at a new vehicle. It hasn’t even been a week since this took place, so I’m hopeful we can work something out. See below for additional information. Timeline of Events 1) April 30: Went to Nissan of Grapevine to pick up the murano. Purchased new vehicle from Nissan rep who fabricated his credentials. 2) May 1: Called the dealership. Amy called me (back?), and I explained the situation. She told me someone would be in touch with me that day or the next. I called Bryson and texted him to explain my concerns. 3) May 1: Received an email from the BBB thanking me for settling my case with Nissan. I wasn’t aware I had, so I called the BBB, the Arbitration Department at Nissan, and texted Bryson with my concerns. 4) May 2-3: I didn’t hear from anyone. 5) May 4: I told Bryson I’m concerned. I left a message for Theresa. 6) May 5: I talked to BBB and the Nissan Manufacturer. Left messages for Amy and Theresa. I tried to find out if my car is still on the lot because I want it back. Nobody called me back. I texted Bryson, and I talked to the girl at the front desk, who (bless her heart) seemed to agree I have been screwed. Nobody called me back. 7) May 5: Talked to Nissan and confirmed my case is closed. They told me you said I came into your dealership to trade my car in. I want to be very clear on this: I WOULD NOT HAVE STEPPED FOOT IN THAT DEALERSHIP IF SABRE HADN’T TOLD ME HE WAS WITH NISSAN AND WAS THERE TO ADDRESS “MY SITUATION.” 8) May 5: I realized I had an additional payment taken out of my account, after being told this would not happen, and subsequently put me in a poor position, moneywise (no pun intended). Nobody from Nissan of Grapevine called me back. I know this is a lot of information, and I know you will need time to review it, but I’d like to reiterate that I would like to bring this vehicle back. I have added 130 miles to it since I purchased it (fyi, it didn’t have 5 miles on it, it had almost 300 on it – that was another item improperly disclosed). Also, while I was driving today, something fell off and I’m not sure what. There is a piece of plastic hanging down (now twist-tied up so it doesn’t drag), so I’m guessing it was a bolt. I tried calling the service center, but as you know, nobody called me back. I will be putting as few miles as possible on this vehicle between now and when we speak. When we do talk, I would appreciate it if we can leave Sabre out of the conversation, as it has become very clear that he misrepresented himself, and I am quite angry about that. I was very upset today when Louis (in Arbitration) told me that you said this “trade-in” was all my idea, but I recognize someone must have told you this, and I suspect it was Sabre. I would like to straighten everything out now, preferably before the mileage increases too much and before the regional rep is involved. I do not want this car under these terms. I’d like my money and my vehicle back so I can be compensated fairly for purchasing a lemon (and what else do you call a brand new vehicle that has been in the shop 8 times in the first 5 mths). At that point, I will be able to purchase a vehicle without being under duress. An alternative solution is for your dealership to give me the full trade-in value for the car, which would change the terms that I think I have, but don’t know, as I haven’t seen anything in writing, nor did we discuss these details, as I have in the past. I hope you can understand my position. When Sabre approached me as a Nissan rep, I believed what he had to say, and I feel I’m at a big disadvantage now. Please let me know when we can discuss this in detail. I will make myself available tomorrow, if you have time to talk. Alternative solutions to this situation are below, and I’m hopeful you will find one of them agreeable. I look forward to hearing what you think and am hopeful that we can work together to find an amiable agreement. 1) Return the Pathfinder, have $3250 returned to me, get back my murano and walk away. 2) Receive full trade in value for my murano and then discuss the terms of a purchase with someone (this never came up, presumably because I was “borrowing” the car for the weekend. I don’t even know what the purchase price should be). 3) Repeat number 1, then start from the beginning on a purchase.

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