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Published: 12 October 2019

Posted by: alex722

beware of this awful counseling center full of only abusive people working there. The people working here aer blatant psychopaths, abusive to clients, toss people around from one counselor to the next and slander patients to each other. They are unprofessional abusive unethical. I was having regular counseling sessions with one of the people there for a while. He took a break, or was off and told me to cal another counselor so I could see her while he would be away. I went to her to have a session…towards the end of teh session she told me to call her etc…these counselors…which is shocking to me will almost toss you around from one pesron to the next…i began with one counselor who seemed to have multiple health problems..her name was cindy reid. .so then I was contacted by a “friend” of the counselors…to go that person.. i went to her.. had a session she gave me her # and told me I could call anytime, and then tried to schedule another appt and call her but she did not call me back…several times.. I had a relative contact her and she still did not call back…later I found out, she told a counselor there that I had an “addiction” and she was not comfortable dealing with my situation …when in fact I was in a bad domestic abuse situation dealing with an abusive partner and needed someone to talk to…this coward and bully and lunatic, cindy reid, falsely made up trash about my sesssion and me and coldly just ignored me. so I went to another woman once whose name was enid jackowitz– toward the end of the first session she asked me if i feel comfortable with her…and to give her a hug…I declined the odd request for a hug, and said i felt ok. She then in turn, did the same thing and ended up trying to avoid me…for no reason claiming she “did not feel comfortable dealing with my situation…my “situation” was just any normal domestic violence situation or a common one and their attitudes and behaviors were weird abusive and made no sense…this low life enid jackowitz cancelled on my appt and just ignored me..these two nasty psychopaths and females cindy reid and enid jackowitz, were both trash talking me to one male counselor…then I went to that male…and was trying to get help from him…asking why an abusive partner “does these things” he refused to help me out and instead, said I didn”t need to know and was a condescending jerk (forgot his name)…and was trying to argue and fight with me rather than help…I ended up having one really rough session with that male and went back to him one more time– did not receive any help as he was trying to only fight with me or argue and ended up not going back to him..even the counselor I was going to regularly, david bolette–he was ok except he mocked me a few times regarding my personal situation which was very serious…and made a really nasty joke about it– the people at this place are very sick messed up unethical immoral people and counselors. They gang up and mock bully and harass female clients or clients…and slander them and throw them around from one counselor to the next and fight and bully them…they are sick people…they seem to be trying to cause more issues for clients and not help them but seemingly reject them for no reason or make them feel rejected, and keep making them go from one person to the next and retelling their situation…as if this is some kind of a joke…they pick on lone women in serious domestic violence situations and bully and abuse them– this place should be shut down… terrible place and beware people needing counseling out there…you also find this a lot in orlando– a lot of whackjobs out there as counselors who have no desire or care to help people, lack the intellect to do so, and are mostly abusive to people…and try to make them feel bad, cancel appointments, treat them badly, or are just bad people overall…

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