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Published: 30 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered last summer 1 iphone 5 from a company called the communication centre 2000 ltd(I saw the advertisement on facebook). As stated in the other report according to their common tactic they gave me a false tracking number after the order was made and suddenly the parcel was hold by customs and immigrations office. From that moment on the game started and they were asking me to pay for customs. After I did that, they said everything will be ok. But if only I had read the other report here. Then out of their mistake they realised they have sent 4 and not 1 iphone and asked me to pay the custom costs for all of them and then other costs came along with invoices for my payments, like twice warehouse and transportation costs because they sent them from Italy(because they stated they cannot send the items from the country the western union payment was authorized) and a bunch of invented costs. After that they said that the employee at customs had realized the iPhones were six and more costs for clearance and taxes and transportation occured. In addition to that they insisted that payments should be made only via WU as it would take time to verify the payment if I was going to transfer the money into their bank account(ofcourse they didn’t want me to do that because I could get my money back with that method and they didn’t want to give me personal details) and ofcourse the payments were made in Nigeria to their “so called” customs agent. But after the first payment, for taxes, that I resisted to pay immediatelly and I asked for refund, they said they cannot refund me now. They even created an agency called UK chamber of commerce, they created an email address and sent me emails on behalf of an agent to verify that they were a true company and that they are registered under their agency and that I should try to co-operate with them (meaning that I had to pay an amount of money every single time they asked me to) in order to solve the situation and if after a final payment(which happened 4 times) I wouldn’t get my products the agency was going to refund me. And I was receiving emails from them every single time I was refusing to pay in order to convince me. After a month of trying to solve the problem, while as a fool I didn’t want to beleive that I lost my money(almost 2000GBP), and many reports to actionfraud, which did nothing until now, and the fact that the company took advantage of this reports as soon as I told them and they even invented a court session and called me, but the invitation was made by the company not any other authority and while they knew I was abroad for summer vacation and they insisted that I was invited officialy with a letter that never came to my accomondation(note: the only things that never came there was the iphone order and that letter). September came and they sent on behalf of the sales manager with another name and they said they fired the employee and that I was forbiden to contact him. They said they were sorry and that they read the email logs and they wanted to compensate me for what I had experienced with them, proposing to send me 2 iPhone 5s and 2 iPhone 5c but from Irland this time as they still had problems with the UK office lisence that I caused them and that i should pay the transportation costs. They used once again the time pressure factor to force me do the payments via WU. I didn’t agreed to that and they said they tried everything and lies like the court had cancelled their lisence and that they paid like 5000 GBP to take it back and that they paid more than I did for this transaction like it was my mistake. Finally, I received another email just yesterday again with another name signing it, stating as several times that they are godly people and that they want to refund me for what I paid etc etc and offered me new iPhones. I guess that this will never stop and that they are limitless arrognant people. They think that I didn’t found out what they are until now. Now that I am reading my story I was a completely idiot in this case and that was their advantage, so don’t trust them and if a lawyer is reading that I would be more than happy to provide him all the evidence, invoices and email logs. However this is more to warn you not to trust this company and if you are about to buy something online check the company and the reviews and reports made very carefully. .

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