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The Dunes East Hampton is a Haphazard Rehab

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Published: 29 June 2019

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The ambition of rehabilitation centers is to help addicts rebuild their lives. An addict or a mentally challenged person is bolstered to restore his sensory, mental and physical capabilities that were disoriented due to substance abuse or illness. The process of rehabilitation is supposed to be actualized by capable therapists. Discouragingly there are some rehabilitation facilities with dilettantish therapists. This kind of rehabs is a blemish to the first-rate rehabs with polished therapists.

The Dunes East Hampton is one of the meanest rehabs. Not only in the United States of America but across the world. I encountered most of the hateful moments in the Dunes East Hampton rehab. Miserably a lot of people have encountered horrible moments at the same rehab. It’s a luxurious center but with unqualified staff who offer senseless treatments. The reality and the bitter truth is that Dunes rehab is not evidence-based. Their treatments are not up to help victims but to make money out of their desperate conditions.

Because of their luxurious facility people thinks that rehabilitation services are such great. This article will help those in need of rehabilitation to make wise choices. Myself along other victims know the reality behind the beautiful walls of the Dunes East Hampton rehab.


Who are the Dunes East Hampton?

The Dunes East Hampton rehab is an outpatient and residential addiction treatment center. The therapies offered at Dunes include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), pharmacotherapy, experimental and family therapies. The truth is that I found nothing like the mentioned therapies at the Dunes East Hampton rehab. 


The Staff

Talking of dilettantish therapists and clinicians, they found at the Dunes East Hampton rehabilitation facility. Ironically, on their website, they say that their staff has more than 350 years of individual sobriety. These are pure lies because the staff at the Dunes rehab are worse than the addicts. Their credentials are to be doubted since the aid they offer is inferior. The ratio of the staff to clients is 1:10. The staff are so aggressive and do not understand the clients’ needs.



The management staff includes Dr. Nicholas Kardaras (Executive Director). He graduated from the Ivy League University. He is an ex-clinical officer from Stony Brook Medicine school (SBM). He taught human behavior, addiction treatment, and psychopathology. He also did workshops, addiction, and mental health presentationsnationally and internationally.




Joseph Mckinsey is the CEO of the Dunes East Hampton rehabilitation facility. He established his company (formerly Star Harbor Retreat) in the year 1992. Joseph has multiplied his company to a multimillion-dollar business accompanied by offices in Los Angeles and New York. He was once an alcoholic addict and he says he has been in sobriety for 27 years. The purpose of establishing the Dunes East Hampton rehab (formerly Star Harbor Retreat) was to help those struggling with addictions. He wanted to aid the addicts to get a second chance to rebuild their lives and enjoy the sobriety as he did.



Douglas Kent Hoverkamp (Medical Director). He oversees the nursing and clinical staff at The Dunes East Hampton. He trained at St. George’s school of medicine. At the University of Virginia Douglas Kent Hoverkamp studied adult psychiatry for 2 years. For his adolescent fellowship, he completed it at the North Shore Long Island Jewish complex. He is the governor of psychiatry at East Long Island facility and also a medical director at Quannacut’s outpatient clinic. At Greenport, New York he oversees the Stony Brook University’s psychiatry acquaintance in a personal clinic.



Carolyn Connolly Liot (Clinical Director) at The Dunes East Hampton rehab. She contributes clinical default to the therapeutic team at the Dunes rehab. Carolyn Connolly Liot manages the everyday operations for treatment programs. With the collaboration of Dr. Nicholas Kardaras and Dr. Shoffer, they expand the isolated syndrome model of addiction treatment. She holds master’s degrees in Education and Philosophy from the University of Columbia. At New York University she attained masters of social work (MSW). Richard Schwartz instructed her in completing the training in internal family systems.

Carolyn Connolly Liot has completed sensorimotor psychotherapy and association for spirituality from the Psychotherapies Institute in New York City. She has progressed an expansive recovery map that renders are a “customized” treatment strategy to their clients at the Dunes rehab.


The Dunes’ Accommodations and Amenities 

This facility is a luxurious rehab. The rooms are spacious, there are private bedrooms with large bathrooms. They say that massage therapy is offered at the facility but they don’t, not unless you hire a massage therapist from outside. They don’t have a facility gym but provide paid transportation to access nearby gyms. The meals are worse because the chefs are not qualified. The meals are unhealthy, unappetizing, and trashy than a rotten pizza. The client’s private calls and messages are accessed by the staff. There is no freedom at the Dunes East Hampton rehab.


The Facility’s Fee

The Dunes East Hampton rehab is so expensive. Their fees range from $40,000 to $80,000. The luxurious facility is only affordable for stable clients. This facility is more into making money from the suffering addicts than helping them rebuild their lives. The expensive fee does not comply with their inefficacious treatments. I paid a lot of money only to get nothing helpful from this useless rehab. 


Their Programs and Treatments

A point to note about the Dunes East Hampton rehabilitation facility is that they offer a lot of treatments. The bitter truth is that their treatments are unproductive. Some of the treatments found only on their website but dreamy at the facility are alcohol abuse treatment, drug abuse treatment, co-occurring disorder treatment, and prescription drug abuse treatment. Their woeful programs are residential inpatient, intensive outpatient, aftercare therapy, and addiction intervention and addiction therapy services. Generally, the Dunes East Hampton facility is a good vacation hotel but not an addiction treatment center. 

Their treatments are not evidence-based since the addiction expression is not effectively treated. At the Dunes East Hampton they do not offer any complete variety of approved treatments and schemes. They tailor their programs that do not meet the particular needs of each client. After participating in their residential recovery program they never follow up for the aftercare program. Many of their clients end up to relapse after the ineffective treatments. 

On their website, they have some article resources about the addictions. There are plenty of addiction facts on these resources but it does not comply with their worthless treatments. These resources are only meant for purposely to attract clients and the success of their business. 


The Dunes East Hampton Never Met My Need

Dunes rehab is an awkward addiction treatment facility that I cannot recommend to someone else. I was an alcoholic addict for many years so I needed to rebuild my life to sobriety. Alcoholism had caused me to lose two jobs and I never wanted to lose my third job. I had tried all I could to overcome the urge for alcohol abuse but it was a failure. My grandma suggested me that I need to visit rehab. I never knew of rehab but I found the Dunes East Hampton’s website. Everything there was so interesting and the rehab images were more attractive. For sure I thought that my addiction problem will be solved at the “luxurious paradise”. 

My first cousin was once a resident in a different rehab for addiction treatment. He recovered and he is now living a sober life so rehab was my best way to overcome the alcohol abuse. Luckily I managed to reach the Dunes East Hampton rehab and they asked me to visit the facility after explaining my condition. I was excited that finally, I was attending rehab to rebuild my life from alcoholism. I requested for 1-month vacation from my working place to attend the rehab not knowing I’m going to waste my time and money.

On admission, I was given a lot of hope and promises that I will recover within the 30 days stay. I wanted to use my insurance coverage but they did not accept it. The admissions director told me that the fee is paid in cash before admission. Without hesitation, I paid $50K because I needed help and my alcoholism could cost me more along with losing my jobs. In my drunkard life, I never enjoyed anything else except alcohol and drinking parties but at Dunes rehab I was promised a lot of luxurious therapies including massage. My body was so weak and I was assured of healthy meals and physical fitness exercises including bodybuilding at the facilities gym.

The rooms were good but not as clean as I saw them on the website. The bathroom was large but with cold water, there was no alternative to get a warm bath. I thought it was a part of recovery procedures. Sometimes there was a power blackout but and the facility didn’t have an automatic backup generator. It was awkward staying in the darkness for a whole night especially on weekends because nobody bothered to ignite their old manual generator. 

I was already in my second week but still craved for alcohol. To me Dunes East Hampton was like a vacation without beer. I felt so dry and depressed. I asked for massage therapy but I was told that the facility’s massage therapists are not around but I can hire one from outside for $70 per hour. There was no gym at the facility but whoever needed a gym could pay $50 for transportation to the nearby gym. The Jacuzzis were faulty, the swimming pool water was full of chlorine and a lot of tree leaves floating. At the Dunes rehab, nobody enjoyed swimming in that dirty pool. The facility’s compound was not as clean as seen on their website, there are a lot of scary shrubs and cracked ground. We as the clients were forced to water the compound grass and clean our rooms.

The meals were mild, less and unhealthy. I never enjoyed their much-processed meals, every client complained about the food. My body became weak and unhealthy. I complained about my condition and dissatisfaction with the food but I was discouraged and ignored. That rehab was not a comfort zone I thought, Life was so hard without alcohol. I tried to sweet-talk some staff to bring me at least a 500ml vodka but it never worked for me. I thought of terminating my residency but their terms were that they do not refund the money balance on admission termination.

Being at the Dunes East Hampton rehab was like imprisonment to me. They promised me activities like acupuncture, yoga, equine, and guided nature walks and hikes but that never happened. They told me that there were no clients’ groups for discussion but they forced us to participate in unhelpful groups. Clients could reach each other’s bedrooms and have sex. Dunes is not a rehab but a boarding lounge for addicts. At night all the staff was asleep, nobody bothered to check on the clients.

I remember a day I felt so ill and request for medication but again I was discouraged and ignored. Thank God I had some painkillers in my travel case. I completely felt no change in the urge of alcohol. I wanted my stay there to end so that I can get to my drunkard life again. The alcoholic life was happier than being in the Dunes East Hampton rehab. Regrets and fate had filled my heart. I thought I will regain my sober life but lucked the peace of mind at that hopeless business center in the name of a rehab.

The 30 days commenced but I felt no change in my life. I was discharged and my first stop was a pub where I had some vodka to relieve my long-time thirst. Nobody from the Dunes rehab ever bothers to call me as promised about the aftercare program. That was not a wonder since I never got help when I was on their hands. At that incompetent rehab, I only got stress and money loss, nothing more nothing less. By good fortune, I found a wonderful rehab by which the therapists were much of compassionate and experienced. The rehab was competent, affordable and experienced in addiction treatments. I was nurtured in rebuilding my life and now I’m enjoying 4 months of sobriety. 


Complaints from Other Clients

The horrific life and the impotent treatments from the Dunes East Hampton rehab has left a large population of people complaining. What attracts clients to that useless rehab is the beautiful nature and manipulative words and images on their website. A lot of people went through bad experiences at that rehab but kept quite maybe to avoid shame. Others shared their horror stories with their loved ones.  Also, others have written their reviews on Dunes East Hampton’s website expressing their pathetic involvement in addiction treatment. 







It’s so sad that people are struggling to recover from addiction but on finding the aid they fall into unqualified hands of the Dunes East Hampton rehab. These people end up in relapse after wasting large amounts of money at this unplanned facility. Some people used their last coin to pay the expensive fee but the ineffectiveness of treatments at the Dunes rehab leaves them frustrated and traumatic.

Playing games with human mental health is a serious matter that needs legal actions. Addiction is a bad disease that can cause more harm and death if not properly treated. The Dunes East Hampton are utilizing a name addiction treatment facility only to make them money but do not offer professional treatments. This place should be banned to save the community’s lives and money. If you want a luxurious vacation place then I recommend the Dunes East Hampton but if you need a good rehab there are many qualified rehabs out there. Seeking addiction treatment at this haphazard rehab is a waste of time, money and enhancing self-destruction. This rehab should be a no go zone.

Hopefully, this article has opened someone’s eye to realize the crummy side of this irregular and unplanned rehabilitation facility. Share your friend’s,  relative’s or own pitiful moments at the Dunes rehab and let others know the fact of the matter about this unskilled facility. What is your opinion on this amateur? 




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