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Published: 13 April 2020

Posted by: johnny

I have been training in mixed martial arts for 11 years, since I was a kid. I have my diplomas and badges, and two titles. Now I am a father of four children, I am 32 years old. To get rid of some daily stress I decieded to join a gym to blow off some steam. Before I decided to become a member of the gym, I first joined for a monthly membership. While I am in the gym, I cannot help myself I practice some of the moves that I practiced every day. While I was practicing I received very bad looks from the trainers, but I never paid them any attention; I used to tell myself that it was in my head. Then in November 2007 I paid the lifetime membership fee which is around $300 and I commited to pay the $70 monthly fee. As a father of four children this is too expensive, but I rather spend my money in the gym then waste it anywhere else. When I first signed in I used to do a lot of cardio work and martial arts. I felt that sometimes I used to attract attention from people who have not been exposed to live martial arts before. What I did not expect is that I would become the #1 enemy to the personal trainers. One day two highschool students, Ishuia and Stephan, come up to me asking me if they could break a sweat with me. I told them that I did mind. 3 days later after meeting them everyday I have been watched by the trainers and getting all the dirty looks from them, then one of the trainers decided to finally walk up to me. In a very unprofessional manner with a raised voiced she asked me, “are you training these people!” I was confused the way I was treated but I responded, “No we are breaking a sweat together.” Then in the same tone as before she responded, “you have no right to train them or anybody.” I told her, “who is talking about training we are only working together.” Then she said while walking away, “Well I just wanted to let you know!” After this the energy and excitement that I had to workout was gone, I felt down and found myself going to the locker rooms to shower and then to work. At work co-workers could see the dissapointment on my face they asked me what was wrong, and I told them the story. When I got home I also told my family. No one could see any fault in me, some of them told me, “it’s racism baby!” The next day the students walked up to me, still feeling down for some reason I told them, “sorry I cannot break a sweat with you anymore.” So they walked away feeling dissapointed and I felt gulity and also dissapointed why does it have to be this way. Even after this the dirty looks and being watched didn’t stop. Then I went out of the country for three months and came back in September. Things started again, being watched, dirty looks, all the time. I addressed this matter with several people and no one had a response for me but just some bad words like “racism, ” “prejudice, ” “jealousy.” So I decided to ignore them do my work and leave in peace. A month later I was working out lifting weights feeling energetic. I was working my chest with the dumbells in the free weight room, I was on top of the extra floor padding. I did as much as I could and I dropped the weights. Then a lady that I only see on weekends walked up to me and yelled in my face in front of all the other members, “DON’T DROP THE WEIGHTS!!!” After this I could see that there was a big target on me and I started believing in all these prejudices reasons why. So I decided to go downstairs and file a complaint, it was around 9pm and there was no one in charge but the people at the front desk. I discussed the matter with them in which they were helpful on the contrary to the people upstairs. I felt like I went to some different building other then the same one as the gym. I withdrew my complaint and let the complaint stand as a verbal one due to the kindness of the people downstairs. 2 days later I was working out in the free weight room as intense as I normally do. One of the male trainers, who have been giving me dirty looks from day one, walked up to me because he was not happy with my grunting and the weights clanking together. He told me in a very unprofessional manner in front of everyone, “Be quiet, people are trying to concentrate!” I responded to him, “I too am a person who is trying to concentrate please do not disturb me again.” I felt down and told myself that this was not going to stop me from coming every day putting my heart and soul in working out, which I love to do. 2 weeks later one of the students, Stephan, who still continues to go to the gym since last year, walked up to me asking me if we could spot one another in the weights. So I told him, “Sure, I could use a spotter.” So we have been working together since Monday [protected]). So on Thursday [protected]) one the female trainers walked up to me and told me, “I want to talk personally as your friend. The other trainers think that you are training that kid.” I answered, “I do not really care what they think beacause there is no one training no body. She told me back, “I just wanted to let you know so watch your back. I decided to go down and make a complaint. There was 3 in the front desk, I asked who is in charge. 2 of them seemed like they cared and tried to help me, the other just turned away from me.

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