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The High Street Group

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Published: 29 May 2020

Posted by: Ben

We have started looking into the investments offered by The High Street Group PLC and associated companies. It’s quite a tangle.

A few websites have covered The High Street Group investments in the past. The excellent Bond Review has written several articles on them, the first of which can be found here:


The High Street Group


High Street Commercial Finance finally files accounts for 2017


We are not suggesting there is anything wrong with The High Street Group, its associated companies or the investments. They may in fact turn out to be the first investment group we have ever reviewed that could be given a “Safe” endorsement rather than “Scam”, however our experience of similar multiple bonds issued one after another is that the income from the newest bonds is often spent on paying up the old bonds, thereby creating the illusion that the old bonds delivered on their promises and that the company knows how to generate high returns from its assets. The reality is that this is often far from the truth, but the illusion works very well because each new bond issuance raises more money than the last.


Interesting Reads –

Ryan Sprowls | Spuds Powell | Stephen Engro | Steve Hefter | Steve Maconi


When the new money stops rolling in the Ponzi scheme collapses. The more complex the company structure, the more difficult it is to see exactly what has been going on. Just to be clear – we’re referring to other companies and not The High Street Group when we describe this scenario.

Thus far our investigation has revealed an impressive 78 companies in The High Street Group structure and a lot of bonds that have been issued one after another, of which a number of the earlier ones have been paid up.

This week we received two important emails related to The High Street Group. The first was from an investor and is copied below:


Having just been scammed out of my investments by Westway Holdings Ltd, I now find that the High Street Group are up to the same old tricks.

No sooner have I applied to redeem my investments with them when I get a phone call from their Customer Services Manager, Ryan Adams Tel: 0191 211 4120 to say that their money is all tied up (all so called millions of them) and they are not in a position to pay back my money. Where have I heard that before!

Can you please put a blog on your website warning investors not to touch the THSG group with a barge pole. You may even wish to give Mr Adams a ring…………………………..!

Many thanks for your help


We told this investor that we were looking into TSHG and we would go public next week. He passed that information on to TSHG. Later the same day THSG appeared to change its mind and the investor was told that he would be paid in August after all. A couple of hours later we received a letter from The High Street Group Legal Department. It’s definitely more pleasant than some we receive. Here it is:


Dear Sirs

High Street Group Investigation

We have been notified that you are currently conducting an investigation into High Street Group.

Given that we have had no contact from you we would be grateful if you would clarify exactly what it is you state you are investigating? We are of course happy to assist with any legitimate and legal investigation and provide answers to any queries you or investors may have.

To ensure that matters remain accurate and purposeful we would be grateful if you would provide us with any content you intend to make publically available on your website as it pertains to High Street Group or any associated company.

Please be advised that we have strict instructions to take formal action in respect of any content posted which is factually incorrect or can be deemed defamatory.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Legal Team

On behalf of The High Street Group


We’re happy to engage with THSG and will take up the offer to send them our queries. We’re a bit surprised that the legal department doesn’t have its own email address e.g legal@………..

Sending legal correspondence to an info@……… email address is unusual.

We will be continuing with our analysis of THSG because any company that can take £100,000 in Year 1 and pay out £301,900 at the end of Year 7 is a money-making machine worthy of celebration. The big payday is not that far away !

We would like to hear from any person who has invested in The High Street Group bonds just in case things don’t go entirely according to plan. It pays to be prepared….

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