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Published: 02 May 2018

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First of all I worked for the Home Depot in St. Petersburg, Florida for over 7 years back in the early 1990’s when Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank (Founders) were CEO and President. I loved working for the “Depot”- “Bleeding Orange” as Bernie and Arthur would say at a meeting of the Grand Opening celebration for the new Store 256 in St. Petersburg. Since “retiring” to become a Life and Health Insurance Agent I have always kept my loyalty to The Home Depot. Staying out of Lowes and Menards as much as possible when I needed to purchase a Home Improvement or Hardware item. November 2013 we moved to a new townhouse. I have spent about $5,000 in the West Des Moines Home Depot Store 2103 since that time on everything from a new refrigerator to two nice Kohler Toilets. Back in June of 2011 I purchased a nice Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp Cordless Drill/Driver. The Hardware/ Tool Clerk asked me if I wanted to purchase the Asurion 2-Year Extended Warranty. He went on to explain that this was a REPLACEMENT Warranty and if I had any problems with my drill for the next 2 years I could come into any Home Depot and get the thing replaced. What this Clerk did not explain to me was that Milwaukee already had a full FIVE YEAR MANUFACTURERS’ warranty from the start. That warranty was limited to mail-in for repair/ or possible replacement- with a refurbished or reconditioned drill- if they could not repair mine. I did not realize this rather important fact at the time. In hindsight I would NOT have purchased a 2 year extension on the existing 5 years Milwaukee was offering. I went on to the Home Depot/ Asurion web site to file a claim yesterday. I received and error message stating that my drill was still under the Milwaukee Factory Warranty and that I would have to go in person to the Home Depot or call the manufacturer- Milwaukee. I visited The Home Depot Store 2103 in West Des Moines today- thinking I would be getting a new drill and I would be very happily and on with my day as usual. Turns out I was dead wrong! First I start with Wendy at returns. She is usually very efficient, albeit a bit curt. She told me there was nothing she could do- so sent me to the “Tool Rental” department. A guy in the tool rental confirmed that my Milwaukee Cordless Drill did indeed have a faulty switch and the motor smelled like it had burned. He also told me all he could do was to mail the drill into Milwaukee and in 6 to 8 weeks they may or may not repair it. I explained to him- like to Wendy- that I had been smart (I thought!) and purchased the REPLACEMENT WARRANTY. He checked and got me a phone number and said if I called Asurion/(Home Depot Division) they would send me a Home Depot Gift Card in the mail which I could then use to purchase a new replacement drill. I was not too thrilled with this option – since I am in the middle of a deck repair project- so I went back to Wendy and demanded to speak to the Head-Main Store Manager- Brandon J Lansing. Now “back in the day” under Bernie and Arthur when a customer was so dissatisfied and upset like I was and got all the way to the “Big-Guy” they got almost anything they asked for,( e Clerks got the what for later as well!) We used to have a saying in Store 256 in the 1990’s: “An upset customer asks for a foot- we give them a yard and then they (customer)ends up wanting a pool installed in that yard”! I did not then and still do not feel I was asking for a “pool”…maybe a yard- certainly some empathy and someone empowered to help resolve my consternation. Manager BJ did get on the phone with Asurion- but ended up handing me the receiver when a Customer Service rep from Asurion came on line. What I learned to my dismay is that I had purchased an additional 2 years on top of the 5 from Milwaukee and that made it a total of 7 years- but did NOT cover in store replacement at all. Now the actual name of the warranty that I purchased on the Asurion website is: D25 HARDWARE 2 YR EPP REPLACE $100-$149.99. I was really upset at this time. BJ just stared at me and I stormed out. I got home to watch my Grandchild and decided you know what I’m just going to call The home Depot Corporate- I’m sure they will care and get me some satisfaction. WRONG AGAIN! After a fairly short wait I was connected to who sounded like the right person-WRONG AGAIN! After I share my tale of woe this idiot transfers me to someone who will REALLY be able to help-who has no idea why I am calling. I tell my entire story again only to be put on hold while this Customer Service Rep calls the West Des Moines Store 2103 “to partner up with them” she says. After a few minutes I am told there is nothing anyone can do- I need to mail my drill into Milwaukee for repair. I have several DIY jobs coming up before the first snow that will total about $2,000. Guess where I am NOT going to be purchasing all my supplies…..right NOT The Home Depot…that’s for sure! What a shame a once great company goes down the crapper! I would blame Obama but that would just not be fair! .

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