The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine

It’s just full of scammers who want to steal money!

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Michael

The LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine is a sham. The doctors here, especially Dr. Robert LaCava don’t have any knowledge of medicine. They claim to treat you through alternative medicine but they don’t give you any results. Apart from false claims, they can’t offer you anything else. But thanks to their online marketers, they have established a powerful reputation online, which can fool anyone. Even I got fooled by their online reviews and website. I thought they were the real deal while the truth was the opposite. They lie to you, give you unusual treatments and claim that they can treat uncurable conditions as well. I have hypohidrosis. In my condition, some particular areas of my body fail to generate sweat. So they easily overheat and make it really uncomfortable for me to work or just do anything. There isn’t any treatment for this condition and I’ve been living with this problem for years. One of my friends found out about this problem and started urging me to visit the LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine. According to her, Dr. LaCava can treat any condition through his expertise of the natural sciences. I was really skeptical and I didn’t trust this doctor LaCava. But after she showed me the numerous reviews and the website, I got convinced and thought of giving this place a try. It was a big mistake. I shouldn’t have gone against my gut. I had a gut feeling that I’d regret going to the LaCava Center but I still went anyway.

They did a number of tests on me there, because Dr. LaCava wanted fresh reports. That was a red flag already but then he prescribed me a homeopathic medicine that I needed to take twice daily. I did. But within a week, my back was filled with rashes. He had given me arsenic as the medicine and because of it, my back had become full of rashes. They used to burn continuously and there didn’t seem any treatment for them. I had to visit the clinic of Dr. LaCava to find out whether I should keep taking the medicine or not. He told me to stop taking that medicine. He then prescribed another thing for treating those rashes. He told me that we first needed to treat those rashes. I didn’t take that medicine. The rashes went away naturally. They were the side effects of the arsenic he had given me. They took some weeks to heal completely but now I’m okay. I know what he was trying to do. He gave me rashes so he’d have something else to treat. And he had told me that I’d to continue taking arsenic, which is a poison if you don’t know. He was just making me sick deliberately in order to get more money out of me. Don’t trust him or any of the doctors present at this LaCava Center for Integrative Medicine.

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