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Published: 11 December 2018

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Jauary 21,2105, I had a noon appt. with a Groupon deal of$259 for 4 laser treatments for spider veins. The pitch was it for a value of $1200. I arrived at 11:50. At 1:50, 2 hours later, I was brought into an exam room. Another 20 minutes passed before the door opened again. My problem area was mostly on the back of my right knee. However, I was not given a gown for the examination and I wondered about how the doctor was going to examine the area with me wearing a pair of jeans. Then, that 20 minutes later , when the “doctor” finally came in, he did not introduce himself. I noticed some very bloody scratches on his upper arm and asked him about that… he jokingly said, “Oh, that was my girlfriend…” then chuckled and said “Just kidding… I WISH! No, it was my cat.” His first question me: Did I have insurance? I said no, that I had used a Groupon. He then asked where my problem was (which surprised me, as after all this time, I would have thought he’d read my report.) When I told him, he asked me to pull of my jeans. As I’d aniticipated, this was difficult becasue they were almost too snug to easilyu pull them above my knee. I also never laid on my stomach on a flatbed surface, as was done in past visits at other offices when working on the backs of legs. So I had to awkwardly lean over, against the back of the chair, supporting myself with left arm, as he looked at the area. Upon looking at my veins, his first reaction was that the laser treatments were generally pretty ineffective, (he made several comments about how “weak” laser treatments really were) and that I needed injections. Injections, he explained, were $99 each. He left the ofttice to get a syringe. ANOTHER 20 MINUTES later, he returned with 2 syringes and injected the back of my knee. I pointed out that he had not covered the area, and he stated that he could give me 3 syringes, and that because I’d had to wait to see him, he would not charge me the almost $40 difference, being that I had paid $259 and that 3 syringes would be $297. He left to get the 3rd syringe. AGAIN I WAITED. 15 MORE MINUTES. He returned and did the 3rd injection. He then stated that the medical stocking was usually $60, but that I COULD PURCHASE ONE FROM HIM for only $50, because I’d had to wait. (THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED!!!). I said no, that I thought I had one at home. When I mentioned that this was supposed to be a $1200 value, he just looked at me and shrugged. And said nothing. I was pretty angry at this point, but I did not want a huge argument; I just wanted to get out of there. As I left, no one gave me paperwork; when I asked about it, the receptionist said, “nope, you’re good to go…”. During the drive home, as I thought and thought, the whole experience felt like a sleazy scam. In addition to not being given a stocking, I had been scammed financially along with a horrible “non-service” and and afternoon/early evening wasted with all the wait time. (On a side note, the “doctor” looked more like a body builder. His grammar was not of an educated person either. For ex., he said thing like how “he should’ve went…” Once home, I wrapped my knee in one of those hospital wraps that I had. A day later my foot was completely swollen. No pain, but swollen badly. (I have a photo). I knew I was supposed to keep the leg wrapped for several days, so I loosened the wrap but kept it around the knee. However, the foot remained swollen for another day until a friend brought me her medical stocking, and over the next 24 hours or so, the swelling went down. I called GROUPON. I explained the experience. They happily credited me with their “groupon bucks” equalling their $259. I am now searching for another place to get my veins done. Because AFTER ALL OF THIS… and almost 2 months later, my veins are still exactly as they were the day I walked into their clinic. Because Groupon did the right thing, i was going to let this thing just fade away. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I have to speak out. The “no-service” at The Skin Care Clinic is sleazy and a rip-off. And I still have the veins. .

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