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Published: 17 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Defective Product; Horrible Customer Service; Scammy Sales Tactics- It took 10 months for them to acknowledge our issues due to personnel changes. I still have HALF a FRAME of a couch and no cushions sitting in my living room. We went to the Lincoln location when I was about 7 months pregnant and ordered rush so that we could have it for when we came home from the hospital. We needed to have some place for our guests to sit as we had just moved in to our new home. We were also upsold on the “most expensive” filler that they offered. We spent over $7000+ on the couch. The couch came late and they refunded me for 50% of the rush fee. Then, the sofa was delivered and we realized there was a defect in the fabric. It looked stained but later, we were told that it was an imperfection in the fabric. Additionally, the couch was sagging, buckling and wrinkled horribly when people sat on it. I have pictures. Finally, the couch squeaked much like a Whoopy Cushion when sitting on it. We complained and complained and got passed back and forth for months and months. The couch wasn’t really usable and it sat in our living room for 10 months. We had spent $7000+ and didn’t even have a usable couch to show for it. It was horribly embarrasing and people constantly commented. Finally, we got in touch with someone who was pretty helpful. The first thing she told me was that they would immediately get me refunded on the remaining portion of the rush shipping which should have been $800. She was let go and when other people took over, most of them told me I was already refunded the rest of the rush shipping and when I showed them they were wrong, I was told that I would not be credited for the rush and that was the management’s final decision. They also keep claiming I was refunded $1100 out of $1600 because they notated the invoice incorrectly and I have proof of the same. I have correspondence that showed that the $300 was refunded due to the fact that they charged me the incorrect amount on the couch in the first place because they based it on their first quote and our final product selection had different dimensions. After months of trying to schedule a time for them to come pick up the couch and make it right (they had cancelled many times), they took half the couch and all of the cushions. Essentially, they left the frame of half of the couch. I told them they should take the whole thing because I did not want a portion of a couch sitting in the middle of my living room. I also had told them at this point, it would not be enough to just “fix” the product after all of this time without a couch. They asked if they could just look at it, assess and come up with a solution. They also told me that due to the fact that my husband is very tall and 230 lbs, he should never have been sold the stuffing/filler that we were. They actually told me I needed to tell them that my husband is a “big guy” and I told them he was present at the sale and part of the decision making. They blamed the salesperson. Clearly, they don’t think they need to take responsibility for their salespeople. They had originally told me they would change the stuffing and refund me the difference between the price of the two products. Now, they are saying they never said that. It has now been over a year and a half. I have half a couch with no cushions in my living room for over 6 months. I have asked for them to work with me over and over or to give me my money back. They want to change the stuffing to a less expensive stuffing and return the product to me and call it a day. Your Desired Resolution: I want a refund for the my rush shipping (It is $800 that they owe me for this item. It was originally $1600 and they refunded me $800 for the rush and $300 for an error on their part as they incorrectly charged me (our original dimensions changed). I also want a refund or a discount for the difference in the price of the stuffing that they find to be more appropriate. Finally, I want some type of concession for the fact that I paid over $7000 over 18 months ago and still don’t have the product I ordered. Ideally, I would like them to take back the couch and either refund me or give me credit at their store. Or, I would like a heavy discount. This has been one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. I write over and over and they sparsely answer. I should never have let them take half the couch without cutting a deal ahead of time but they said they wanted management to look at it. I stupidly gave them the benefit of the doubt. They admit it is defective product and they also admit that it should never have been sold to us. The customer should not be left holding the bag for their horrible sales tactics, defective product and lack of customer service. Unfortunately, I saw that MANY people have the same experience as me. I have asked to speak with the owner multiple times and he hides behind his employees. They have changed personnel multiple times and each time, I have to start over and I get told something different. I am a business owner and when I make mistakes, I know I have to take responsibility for those mistakes. I am also a Honor Roll Accredited Better Business Bureau member. .

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