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Published: 31 March 2019

Posted by: John Sawchuck

Hi, I would like to bring to your attention that recently I had endured a very horrible experience with the Source Circuit City and their customer service. Firstly I had made a payment on my account on Sept 11 2008 of 20 dollars and the due date on the account was Sept 13th 2008. No problem right? Wrong the Source never registered my payment at all and sent me my bill on Oct 1st without indicating my 20 dollar payment was made on Seot 11th 2008 and added interest on top of that. This was very disturbing to say the least. I made the payment with CIBC and had my proof of payment stamped and still in my possession for my records. I immediately called the Source customer service and spoke with Miriam at approx 13:15 on Oct 1st and hit a brick wall. She was no help and nobody could provide me a reason on why my payment was never received. I then went to the CIBC branch where I had initially made my payment and waited 30 minutes in a line up and finally spoke with the branch manager. I had spoken with the same lady in person whom processed my payment on Sept 11th 2008. Her name is Kalie Fong atCIBC 5705 Victoria Drive Vancouver BC V5P 3W5 [protected] ext 242. Kalie said she would take care of it. She was also very confused like myself and could not explain why my payment did not go through and would investigate. I had given Kalie my proof of purchase documents and personal information and she said it would take 48 hours. After returning home I decided to call the Source once again and had spoken with the supervisor Myra and explained my current situation once again. I had made the call at approx 14:15. Myra eventually hung up on me for no reason after I had tried to get some answers to this current dilemma. I thought that hanging up on a customer was wrong? In fact I know it is wrong and will make a formal complaint. I am also happily aware that the conversation was recorded which is proof yet once again I have a reason to complain. I had checked the customer service with Source the next day OCT 2nd 2008 and my payment of 20 dollars that I had made on Sept 11th was processed!! Why now, and why so late? Why did I receive poor customer service from the Source? Why was the payment delayed? My valuable time was wasted, and this is not the way to treat valuable customers. The next business day I received a call from CIBC from Kalie and was told that the error originated from the Source Circuit City. Why did this happen? What if I had not noticed this error? Perhaps there are other customers like myself whom had the same thing happen? This is not acceptable! I would like someone from your company to contact me on this matter. This email will be archived for my records and by all means please investigate this matter. I am a valuable customer and need some answers on many issues and one of them regarding the un professional approach the Source Circuit City had given me, and the mistreatment of my account and myself. This was a huge inconvenience for me and a big headache! Sincerely, John

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