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Published: 30 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

. Heidi Hong is probably the most manipulative person I have unfortunately had the experience of being trapped under. It’s hard to phantom as this charming individual comes off very vibrant and loving. Most people, like myself, have a hard time telling the difference between charisma and genuine love and passion. I guess I should have raised an eyebrow when within hours of knowing me she acted like I was her long lost twin who she has finally reconnected with after being separated from birth. As the saying goes, be skeptical of the naked man who offers you his shirt. It all started with a “creative collaboration” meeting where she tells you her “passion” and brags on about her company and how it’s this “AMAZING” thing that can be an avenue for all your dreams. She makes you feel like you’re already part of the team and you get comfortable and excited and start to share your inspiring dream and ideas with her. Wrong move. She pretty muxh stole every idea I told her… But before you find out she’s a sneaky little devil she makes you feel super important and like you’re this huge role in the company. You start getting all wrapped up working for her and helping her mold your ideas into her company until finally you realize you’ve been slaving your a** off for hours everyday putting your hard thought out ideas and effort into this company and you’re not even getting paid or sure if what your investing in is even intellectually owned by you anymore. Thankfully in my situation her requests started getting way intense like doing 15 pages of legal documents, and i don’t even have a law degree. She started using the poor me card like OMG I have sooo much work to do and it’s only me doing all of this and omg my boyfriend is so mad I quit my job to do this full time and he’s not here to help me! Please help me! So I did. But after a few weeks of requests where you feel like you have a full time job that you’re not getting paid for I couldn’t help but have this gut feeling that I was getting played. I was lucky enough to break out of her spell and finally bring up a contract. As soon as that was broughten up things got really weird. She slowly started making me guilty for bringing it up like I should be glad to have the opportunity to work for her company and how dare I even bring up where all my efforts are going in this and how people would kill for this opportunity. Even when it came to titles in the company she didn’t want to credit me with the appropriate title for the jobs I was doing for her and her company. Eventually she finally came back and offered me 1% equity of the company. Now, if you’re an established company like Nike where you’re bringing in millions and there are millions of moving parts, cool, honored even. But for a company that is one year old and doesn’t have any profit coming in yet and I’m working at least half the hours you are and you’re the owner AND you’re coming to me for advice on your business and marketing? Kind of a lowball. I tried to negotiate and there was no budge. I finally agreed on 1% but told her I feel like it’s only fair that im not taking on duties like this is my full time job then. She told me then I would have to write a list of the duties I’m willing to take on and email them to her. I wrote them down which consisted of duties that would under a normal 15 person business would be separated into 3 different titles and positions. I guess that wasn’t enough because instead of giving me a contract she just backed off of asking me to do odd requests out of my voluteered job description. She would still give me tasks to do but now under what I was already involved in (vs new s***) and when I asked her about the contract on several occasions she said it was still being drafted up by her lawyer and she has been super busy lately. During this time I put together a social media contest for her company and another company she previously had an affliation with. Literally set the whole thing up and executed each part. She kept me around until the contest was over and then she pulled the plug and she took me off the “Xanadu Team”, blocked me via social media, changed passworda (I revamped their social media accounts and made posts for them- over doubled their followers), stopped responding to my texts and calls and on top of that, went after my contacts to try to get them to work with her. Oh by the way if you are a potential sponsor possibly thinking about being a vendor at her event, make sure to read the fine print and double check the companies she says are affliated with the event. This girl will punch a baby in the face to get sppnsor money. Anyway that’s my story and I hope it helps prevent someone else by getting played like a 15 year school girl.

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