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Published: 02 September 2018

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Before entering into a business relationship with this Company as a worker, Independent Sub Contractor or perspective tenant; Research the very long, past and ongoing complaint against them for being Scum Lords and dishonest individuals. If going to work for them you will first be “romanced” by Elaina Hollingshead; who is knick named “fuff” by her “partner” and office staff as her primary role is to sweet talk workers into “BID’ing” on repair jobs as “Sub Contractors” yet she will ask you to break down your “BID” to equal no more than $15.00 an hour basically turning you into an hourly employee yet you still pay all your taxes. She will agree to all of your recommendations. She will than authorize all material need; pay for it and allow you to fix the home you BID on. If you run into a problem she will tell you to adjust your BID and proceed with the work. Once the work is completed you will be required to submit you’re Invoice for payment and wait until “Contractors Pay Day”. This pay schedule is set by Scott Bloemer who is in charge of all payments and accounts; pay day is set to fall two times a month. Now the core of what appears to be their gimmick begins. Scott will start to find “over charges” and “unauthorized work” on the Invoice and Elaina will do what Elaina does…she will lie, lie, lie and swear she never approved the work or the cost. They will refuse to meet with you WITH BOTH at the meeting in order to play the “He said she said” game. Scott will often hide in the back office when you come looking for your pay and have his “Secretary” tell you he’s not in or in a meeting but she will make sure he gets the message. The Secretary will appear very sympathetic and will look so upset as she tells you she don’t know why they won’t pay you and she is trying everything she can to help you. Again lies. What she will do is twist your words, misrepresent your message and if need be, will go to court and lie under oath about any conversation she had with you. Now to be fair some do actually get paid, even a few times, but ultimately a big % of all who do work for this Company regardless if you are Licensed or working Un Licensed you will not be paid all that you earned if any. No one is exempt; Window Company’s, Lawn Services, Dumpster Company’s, Plumbers, Electricians!, Tree Trimmers…so many to verify my words. Truth can never be Slander. But if you are looking to become a tenant here is a whole other list of issues to be aware of. Always check with Code Enforcement; they have rented home’s with violations and later claim they did not know the home had them. Always check with at least three neighbors; most communities are aware when a landlord fails to maintain a home and will be happy to tell you the truth. If your main source of income is SSI or Aid be aware that they will willingly take your application fee ($30.00) per person but will most likely will not rent the home to you; Scott openly states that he will not rent to most in these situations because he cannot collect damages if they move. I personally witnessed Bel Fury taking a $75.00 application fee from a disabled family and then discuss how they would not rent to them because the son “was mentally disabled along with his wife” and may have a Social Worker who would want to come inspect the home. Yet they had no problem taking the application fee. Again as a possible renter you will be “romanced” by Elaina Hollingshead. She will show you a home and you may notice dirt, grim and repairs that need done. But you will be told that after moving into the home you can complete a “Move in List” and submit it to the Office within 14 days of moving in and all repairs will be taken care of. But the truth is it will be months in most cases if ever that those repairs are made. If they are made you will receive a bill stating that the first $100.00 of any repair is your responsibility. If you dare to be late on your rent Scott will blow up and demand 3 day notices be handed out; even if you live in a home they refuse to repair. But please don’t call Code Enforcement; that will guarantee they will evict you the first chance they get. Elaina has a long documented history of showing up at tenants homes sometimes late at night and harassing them by yelling and making threats. She will instruct her maintenance people to Post notices on your door stating they have to come in during certain days for repairs and then not send anyone leaving you sitting and waiting; as she sits in the office laughing about how they inconvenienced your day. If you complain too loudly she will tell you she is not renewing your lease and you have to move. Elaina will try to scare you stating “I went to school with someone who works for Omaha Code Enforcement and we are friends on Face Book; he listens to me”. I’m not sure if this is true but based on how long they have been allowed to operate the way they do it appears to be truth. Last but not least if you have rented from them and give proper notice to move out good luck getting your deposit back; Nebraska State Laws says they have 14 days; Bel Fury feels they can pay when and if they decide they owe you. Many times they will try to deduct off your deposit for repairs needed even though the repairs were already there when you moved in. If you are lucky enough to have saved your move in list (I recommend you email it as they like to pretend not to have received items) you may be able to get your deposit but for the most part it takes about 30 to 45 days on average and many have to obtain an Attorney to get their deposit back. Been there; done that; now want to stop others from being scammed! .

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