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Published: 28 January 2018

Posted by: dontbuythomasville

9/19/18 1. The male (district manager, I think) is a hard sell pusher. That”s on us. 1a. He also lied to us by promising us free delivery … until we called him back w/in a day then denied it. We pushed it as we both heard it and delivery was free but the table is garbage. I later went to the store (fortunately he wasn”t there) and spoke to the reps who were. They said other customers complained about him. 2. I proactively called the store this past weekend and spoke to a saleswoman there about my fear of getting beyond marred furniture. 3. The delivery gentleman (we tipped them, they were great) pointed out defects on the table. I went and looked and immediately saw more. 4. While I continued to look at the horrible “finish” (that”s not the right word – finish implies some sort of consistency but there was none), my partner called the male who sold us the table. He argued, as expected. We refused delivery. The option, the male said, was to accept delivery and take it back to the store to have it fixed. No. Why are we accepting delivery on something that needed to go in a shredder… it”s that bad, folks. I”m not exaggerating. It was too badly damaged and they”re going into a new company”s hands. We”re pursuing this with our credit card company. The store is being bought out by another company. New inventory will replace it but I would never go back there – no ownership, new inventory and all. The male, if I understood it right, will remain there when they reopen. We paid a little over $3k for this “thing” with 6 chairs. I wasn”t part of the first part of the conversation but we immediately, prior to having the table unloaded, saw damage first on the top – not just inconsistency of the veneer “finish” but actual mars on the table top and sides and the veneer finish was a mess. We have a video of it. It shows many flaws and it was taken in a dark truck so while the flaws and damage are visible, it”s not all of them. I was a little afraid this could happen due to numerous horrible reviews I saw after the purchase and after the male denied the promised (from him) free delivery and stopped by the store when the male wasn”t there. The women were great and we learned that other people avoid going to the store when the male is there, too. I proactively called the women again this weekend. She was confident we”d be okay. Now that will be determined by our credit card company. The bottom line is the table looks like it was already a reject that was picked up by the store (I”m serious) and they tried to pawn it off on us. We”re dealing with our credit card company now. The male wanted us to accept delivery on this garbage and bring it back to the store to be fixed. No, there”s too much damage and since this is the kind of garbage that came out, why would we expect them to correctly fix it correctly. Rhetorical. If we need to, we”ll escalate it. Please don”t even trust sale items. This is so beyond any experience we”ve ever had, we”re cautioning you. We”ve bought good furniture before but this is abominable. Prior to the table arriving, I said we”re going to have to go over the table and chairs with a fine tooth comb and flashlights. We didn”t have to go that far. The gentlemen who delivered it pointed out some of the issues that we would”ve seen had they lugged it in. Not including the video because it”s a computer to this site and has too much vulnerability. (I don”t upload to any site.) The only solution is a full refund. We compromised with our movers from out-of-state. We will not compromise on this.

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