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Published: 25 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Tom Amendola and Jon Amendola hired bad property managers and refused to follow the law. NOTE: You DID NOT evict teresa and erica for non-payment of rent.Your managers who violated numerous tenant landord laws and were investigated and fined by the real estate dept received their rent on time every time! And posting lies, slander and false accusations in addition to violating tenant privacy just shows what kind of attorney you are. You used them in order to try to recoup loss of rent due to your managers bizarre behavior starting fires who evicted and emptied your four-plex by evicting others for non payment. You should know of all people the ramifications of posting anything you have not verified yourself. You need to check your facts and refrain from heresay. And anyone seeking legal assistance from silicon valley legal foundations including MHAP does not mean they have a mental illness. As a landlord you refused to fix their mailbox which prevented them from receiving mail for over a month. Thats a violation. you then alowed your managers withhold and intercept their mail, remove legal notices in order to prevent them from filing a response because you knew their eviction was retaliatory. You dont know the law you obviously think you are above it. You post lies. you will be held accountable for the libel and slander, violation of privacy, false accusations. You shouldnt believe what your irrational managers claim. Mike Sarvis and Sharon Sarvis are the liars here. In the short amount of time they managed and your recent purpose of that building you people drove it into the ground, all tenants moved out, most evicted by your irresponsible managers You clearly have no regard for the law and tenant rights. And when a tenant posts the truth as to their treatment by metro property management company you hired to inform others to beaware you accuse them of being mentally ill and argumentative. Honestly you need to learn the law. If you rent to section 8 you need to learn and adhere to the HUD rules and regs. Section 8 recipients and other low income tenants shouldnt be treated with such hostility and discontempt. Nor should landlords with a law degree lash out to tenants for errors and misunderstandings made by managers YOU hired in an attempt to prevent them from using their voucher. Now that is despicable. How much did it cost you to kick them out for asserting their legal rights you and your managers violated and continue to violate. You charged them an entire apt to store items that fit in a small storage unit.thats 16xhigher than aliwed by law. Then your managers threatened to accuse the tenants for stealing if they took their antiques. Your managers needed the police to hold Sharon back from attacking the tenants when she had never met them before nor spoke anything to her. yet sharon would block the doorway etc.who is the argumentative bizarre behavior mentally ill person here? Not Teresa or Erica that for certain.

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