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Published: 26 October 2018

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I received this four page brochure, that was pretty confusing and difficult to read-because of the color combinations they chose etc., but I did see on pages two and three, that my TWO YELLOW COLORED NUMBERS DID MATCH WHEN I PEELED OFF THE MATCHING LABLE , (Stated S153291 matched 153291) in bright yellow, on he next page.The advertised “EVENT” they were having, ended on Tuesday, October 21st, (2014) so I was curious to discuss with someone, that fact that my brochure had not been RECEIVED UNTIL Tuesday, October 21st at my mail box. THE ONLY phone number stated anywhere on the brochures was the 858-859-8012— it instructs recipients to ALL THIS NUMBER and “state your confirmation number “. MY OBVIOUS “CONFIRMATION NUMBER” was stated in two different places within the brochure, as being 4878642, I phoned the 858 number, and the “recording” said “not a valid confirmation number.” Well, when you match two areas as specified as WINNING NUMBERS—and the ONLY phone number stated, is a recording/asking for the CONFIRMATION NUMBER, which is very obviously printed on the brochure in two places…. once on the postmark label, and again within the context of the brochure”, you figure, there must becoming wrong with their CONFIRMATION NUMBER RECORDING area of their disorganization of the brochure! So, since nobody answers who can “explain” this…and there are no other phone numbers LISTED ANYWHER on the brochure–I found the phone number through information, for the “FNANCIAL DEPARTMENT” for Toyota–874-8822—that didn’t offer much help either; then tried the only Toyota Dealership listed in San Diego County–namely- KEARNEY MESA…858-279-8151—They gave me MICHELLE as a transfer to the Poway Dealership. I believe she was reached as a “transfer from Kearney Mesa”, but stated her direct line in Poway was 858-486-2900– (If that is wrongly designated, it’s because I finally pulled the number from AL, who answered AT the Poway Office,that evening,of Tuesday, October 21st. Of course I was a bit suspicious all throughout these phone call conversations, as most of the PRIZES LISTED were products titled/made by/ APPLE..the I-Pad etc., and this TV just stated as a flat screen TV—with no pruduct name title, lead me to believe they were going to possibly hand out PLASTIC TOYS OF FLAT SCREEN TV’S….”advisors”, however, they STATED MY NUMBERS MATCHED AND THAT I’D WON THE FLAT SCREEN TV. didn’t state a name brand whatsoever, so it could have been made by Matelle, for all I know. I told Al, what I’d gone through, trying to reach a VALID PHONE NUMBER–gave him my winning numbers that MATCHED, and he described, “Yes, those are the numbers and if they match you have won the flat screen TV.”” I said I couldn’t GET there as I’d had some physical injuries, but that my daughter who worked in Rancho Bernardo could come by–He said”fine”, have her bring the ORIGINAL BROCHURE WITH THE TWO MATCHED NUMBERS INYELLOW over to the dealership ” and said “I’ll give her the flat screen to deliver to you.” I asked if he needed a statement in writing etc., he said “no , just have her bring the brochure with her.” My daughter made the trip TO ESCONDIDO TO PICK UP THE ORIGINAL BROCHURES, and then went to the dealership in Poway. She called and said, “Oh, you didn’t actually win, mom”… your MATCHED NUMBERS are supposed to be “confirmed” by the “operator at the number listed at the top—- the 858-859-8012″ and the confirmation number isn’t what you are supposed to key in; you have to key in THE WINNING NUMBER, he says..the matching yellow numbers, the 153291” that appear on both pages, the description marked “flat screen TV” with the number, and the “peeled label area” with the number. WHAT ? Now the directions instructing us to TYPE IN OUR CONFIRMATION NUMBER, have changed since AL AND I SPOKE ? Now, I’m to key in, INSTEAD, (as nowhere directed to anywhere on the brochure., ) the winning number under the lable that he said MATCHED and made me a winner ? I was terribly upset, and phoned Michelle, at the 858-486-2900, and asked for the floor salesman; she put me through to someone she said was named MARTY (Wednesday afternoon, by this time., ) I explained that this REQUIRED CONFIRMATION NUMBER along with being told I was a WINNER BECAUSE OF THE TWO MATCHED numbers, had not only not been honored, but was very confusing-and I needed to talk with someone about what had happened.( After all I’d sent my daughter from Rancho Bernardo, to my apt., Escondido, and back to POWAY, just to pick up this prize Al had told me about—-) MARTY seemed, himself, to be irritated that he even had to DEAL WITH such an advertisement as they called it, “THE EVENT”…AND HE ANSWERED—OH, they’re all winners–I said all of what? He said ALL OF THE BROCHURES have winners on them. I said, but my numbers MATCHED and AL told me I was a winner of a flat screen TV–etc. It seems to me, that even the salesmen there (and employees if you can locate their real phone numbers., ) aren’t very happy with this EVENT that TOYOTA is making them a part of, either. Ironically, after my trip and fall is settled in San Diego ., (PI Attorney Karin Wick., ), I will be looking for a good used car; And, btw-My daughter IS looking for one. But after the CONFUSING EXPLANATION and the peace offering of a $5 gift certificate, and the way Toyota treated her mother,her interest was certainly curtailed immediately! I suspect that since AL said they would EXTEND THE DATE of the “winning prizes and the EVENT., “THAT they knew their brochures had not been mailed in a timely manner–But I also suspect that this CONFUSING AND HURTFUL SCAM to residents of San Diego County, will end at a time whereupon TOO LATE for people to complain about. It’s especially hurtful to be lied to by a well-known and established American Corporation, such as Toyota; And especially hurtful knowing that allot of the recipients of this WIN scam, is being directed at many of our SENIOR DISABLED DRIVERS, too. Toyota’s probably designing a NEW SCAM now and will deny every having spoken with Lynda Phillips—All of the phone calls I made on Tuesday, Oct. 21, and Wed., Oct., 22, are locatable on my T-Mobile Bill–However, I couldn’t legally RECORD THEIR LIES AND CONFUSING CONTRADICTORY STATEMENTS. (I’m wondering if FORCING EMPLOYEES TO LIE to customers, isn’t some sort of a breach of employees’ agreements with the corporation. ?) My husband worked for Toyota in Mountain View, CA years ago-and never would he LIE to TRICK A CUSTOMER into coming by for a visit!! I didn’t actually BUY OR PURCHASE anything; and of course , after the way I was treated, would not even consider it. But I think some organization that deals with SCAMS ought to not just “help stop” this one, but prohibit them from inventing ADDITIONALLY as confusing scams for “our future.” I’d like to phone Al and Marty with my “winning matched numbers” again, and tell them AGAIN, that I’m waiting for this” PRIZE of a flat screen TV”, I was told to “come in to the dealership and pick up.” My delivery address label on the brochure I received, stated ” 9376 ECRWSS CD13 Preferred Customer”

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