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Published: 08 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I ordered honey comb blinds on March 26, 2015, for my home which was built in 2015. Gary Cooper came out to measure and had no sample to leave except what was in his book. I remember discussing with him that I wanted “the clean look of tab blinds.” My son heard me say this! I moved into my home Apr. 9, 2015. In all it took about 3 weeks to have them delivered. When the blinds came to my home, Mr. Dan Grimes (Millege D. Grimes) installed them. I was shocked that the blinds had “cords” on them! He said “Oh, 3 out of 4 people make that mistake. They think they got tabs and did not!” I said “No. Bait and switch job! I would never want cords!!!” I also told him Mr. Gary Cooper only gave me a base price of $1800.00 and I had to ask him for the break down on each blind!” He said “we normally don’t do that!!!” I quickly looked at my receipt I signed when I met Gary Cooper at a Burger King to sign it. I was busy moving and signed it fast not seeing the small writing at the end of the order that said “w/cords”. I THOUGHT I was signing for quantity and color! Mr. Milege D. Grimes put the blinds up and I was devastated! The cords hang over my window sills. They look terrible. I told him “these look awful. Even if I had wanted these why wouldn’t Mr. Gary Cooper inform me that they HANG OVER the sills so get the kind of cord that you pull and goes around attached to the wall?” WHY? BECAUSE CORDS WERE NOT DISCUSSED! Then, after putting all of these “corded freak blinds up” I noticed HUGE GAPS IN ALL OF THEM WHERE YOU CAN SEE OUTSIDE!” Mr. Milege D. Grimes answer? “OH, that is the way the windows are squared! WE CAN PUT UP STICKS to block the light!!!” Oh, really???? I ORDERED all room darkening blinds for the bedrooms!!! AND, I PAID ALMOST $1800.00 and I am suppose to put up sticks in all my windows???? Then, Mr. Milege D. Grimes put up the arch in my son’s room. IT WOULD NOT FIT. He said “for the trouble we will take off a $100.00 and order a new one.” Then he had to also order the one below the arch of my son’s room because that did not fit either! Upn finally getting the correct arch in he yelled at me “I will take you to small claims court if you don’t pay me $100 more on your credit card!” Lier. He told me originally that I did not have to pay this! He bullied me as a senior citizen and I was afraid of him and told him to get our of my home! My son saw all of this! I told Mr. Milege D. Grimes that “I did not want these blinds. They have huge gaps, strings and now the arch is messed up.” His answer “I CAN’T AFFORD TO REPLACE THEM!” And, I am suppose to have this mess in my home which looks like hell?? Mr. Milege D. Grimes ordered the arch and another blind for my son’s room. It took till the very end of May before the arch was put in. The arch and the blind are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT COLORS then my other bedrooms which have warm sand.The blind also has a “tab” on it!!! I asked him “WHY did you put a tab on this and all the rest of cords on them?” His answer: ” I was being nice!” Oh, really? One blind with a tab and different color then my other blinds that have strings??? I told him ‘LOOKS LIKE YOU TOOK THESE FROM ANOTHER HOME AND STUCK THEM ON ME!!! I called another blind company and they laughed at these. They said “ours has 1/8 of an inch on all sides.” They also said there was no reason to make my dining room in 3 awful pieces (it is one window) as honey comb is not heavy. The blind cords on my slider door hang down to the floor. I got my foot wound in one the other day and fell into my slider! Why would I want cords hanging on my kitchen floors???? EVEN though I never discussed cords they SHOULD have never given me cords that hang on the kitchen floor! These blinds look like I got them at a swap meet. They take away from my whole home appearance. I have a new home and these people have left me in tears! Enclosed please see the quality of these blinds. The one in my master bedroom falls down and will not stay up! I called the Norman Blind Rep and he said ‘I DON’T come out to private homes!” Mileage D. Grimes ad on the web says “WE ARE NOT SATISFIED TILL YOU ARE!” WHAT A JOKE. They lead victims to believe they do a beautiful job by showing great blinds and say “We have done this for years!” Right.

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