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Published: 23 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

When I moved into my new (but old) house threw Triple S properties, I was excited and had high hopes. Soon after, I started seeing cockroaches. I called Triple S properties to let them know we had an infestation. Someone came out and sprayed, after someone (did not say their name) said nobody had lived there in over a year. That wasn’t a concern, but when I reached them again, they offered another home. This left me weary, like they knew about the infestation but did not care (i have children). I explained I did not want to remove all of my belongings again immediately. I had just got comfortable and I’d like them to fix the problem. Anyways, as time went on, I explained the bathroom floor was falling threw due to mold. They told BBB they tried reaching me multiple times to come fix it. That is a lie. I’d like to see those records because I always made sure that if I didn’t answer, I called back. Matter of a fact, the maintenance would text me. They say they offered to come do it while I wasn’t home. Well, I don’t know anyone that wants a complete stranger in their house while their not home. This took months of setting up times but just not showing up. When they did come fix the bathroom… it was such a terrible job, that the toilet starting sinking and the tile started coming up every where. I complained. At one point, I called about the bathroom and talked to Mike, the owner. He told me to “”stop breaking things.”” And “”your just trying to get out of the lease.”” When this was NOT what I was doing. I pay almost 800 dollars a month for something only worth 500, so yeah! I want him to fix the problems. He then called me a “”B*tch””. I’ve never in my life been talked to the way he did me that day. I cried for days. I finally asked if I could speak to him in person and he refused. I’ve never even seen his face… he makes sure of that. At time goes by and my lease gets closer to the end, I start searching for a cheaper home. Then one day I receive a letter saying my lease was automatically renewed and there was a 3.5% Increase in rent making it well over its worth. I called frantically crying because I couldn’t afford this. I was barely making it. They don’t tell you anything about the lease and they sugar coat everything. They were heartless about it. They wanted me to have to leave and owe them all that money. I’m a single mother WORKING 60 hours a week to afford my bills. There was no sympathy or kind words. Just too bad! MIKE SEITZ should be shut down. Look at his reviews. He’s been turned into the BBB 15 times in 12 months. Does that sound like somebody you want to rent from? One final thing… this is how people end up living in a box behind Wal-Mart. Companies like this that take advantage of innocent people. I did my part, start doing yours MIKE SEITZ.

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