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Published: 23 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

Tristen Larsen is a 20-year-old kid who thinks it’s okay to lie to people. He doesn’t know anything about the industry and thinks that all a business needs to succeed is a little motivation. If everyone only needed a little motivation for growing their business, the world would’ve been a whole lot different.

He says that his agencies have helped numerous companies but there isn’t any proof of these statements anywhere else online. You are supposed to take his word for it. I have had two horrible experiences with this guy. The first one was actually the experience of my friend who had hired his agency for digital marketing. The other was my personal experience when I enrolled in his flagship product- SCU.

Why You should Never Choose Social Closing University

Social closing university is the biggest scam out there. These people are a bunch of criminals who don’t care about the repercussions of their acts. They aren’t there to help you grow your business. They are there to help themselves in stuffing their pockets with your money. They don’t want you to succeed. Nope, they are more focused on manipulating you so you keep spending more and more money on their different services and products. Tristen is one of the worst scammers out there. If I hadn’t experienced this, I wouldn’t be saying it with so much confidence. The name of this company is misleading in itself.

There are plenty of things wrong with this guy and his companies. First of all, he is inexperienced. He has no idea what the industry is like but he claims that he is an expert. He uses plenty of hyperbole statements to gain attention. He makes a lot of big promises but the truth is, he can’t follow through on any of them. That’s because they all are big white lies.

I recently had a bad encounter with these guys. I am online entrepreneur and I’ve been working on a number of projects for some time. One of my companies was struggling to keep up with the market so I started looking for ways to expand my knowledge. I needed to make sure that I was aware of the latest marketing strategies. So I started looking for an expert who was familiar with these concepts. The industry is flooded with people who claim they are ‘marketing experts.’ So it was really difficult for me to find a person who was legit. The joke’s on me because I still failed to find a good expert. Instead of finding a reliable professional, I ended up paying a thief.

Anyway, one of my friends recommended me to enroll in the Social Closing University because it was owned by Tristen Larsen. She told me that she was working with one of his companies (Recipe 4 Revenue) and she was really impressed with the work they were doing. She wasn’t aware of their mischievous practices then and she also suffered losses because of a Tristen company. Let me share her experience first.

How did Tristen’s company scam my friend

My friend runs a restaurant. Like me, she also takes a lot of interest in growing a business online. She was learning about digital marketing but due to her hectic schedule, it was taking her too long to learn even the simplest of the concepts. So, she started looking for an agency which could handle the online presence of her establishment. During her research, she found Tristen’s agency called Recipe 4 Revenue, which is a digital marketing agency specializing in restaurants.

It seemed like the perfect fit for her requirements so she contacted them immediately. She got a prompt response, just like she expected, and within a few days those guys had even started working on her website. She was really impressed with their promptness. It was during those days when I had started looking for a mentor and she had suggested me the name of Tristen Larsen. After what happened to both of us, she has apologized to me countless times for recommending me to go to that son of a gun.

Let me get back to where I left; everything was going well between my friend’s business and Tristen’s agency. The problems started arising when they started asking for payments. Apparently, those guys had taken an advance of a few thousand dollars from her but they hadn’t included it in their invoice. When my friend asked them about it they just told her that the advance was for an entirely different purpose and they won’t include it in their invoice. As a result, their bill was way higher than my friend had expected. She was really frustrated with this ordeal.
She told them that they should’ve informed her of this policy so she would’ve made arrangements accordingly. In her reply, they said that she should’ve been more responsible and they can’t do anything about it. She paid them nonetheless but then told the guys that she no longer needs their services as it was beyond her budget. She thought that she made a wise decision by firing Recipe 4 Revenue but it was one of her gravest mistakes. She shouldn’t have even hired those people in the first place.

The worst things started happening when she fired those guys. All of a sudden her restaurant’s online profiles were getting flooded with negative reviews. For the first few weeks, my friend thought they were real customers but then those guys contacted her saying that they noticed how her business has been seeing a decline recently and they would love to help. She was certain that they were behind all this because she had never received this many negative reviews altogether. It was all planned and very dangerous for her business. She didn’t hire those guys and instead called them out on their BS. They removed the complaint but you can understand how thought that time must’ve been for her when she was seeing those complaint.

Imagine being a small restaurant owner and seeing a ton of negative reviews pop up when you haven’t received any customer complaint at all. Wouldn’t you feel helpless? Moreover, the complaint were on the business’s social media profiles such as Facebook. If she hadn’t acted smart she could’ve lost her entire business. They were forcing her to use their services. It’s clearly one of the worst ways a business can get customers for itself. After this experience, she contacted me to check if anything like this had happened to me. Let me share how they scammed me.

How Tristen’s SCU scammed me

I wanted to find out new ways to promote my business. I knew my competitors were doing something different due to which they were growing at a faster pace than me. So I started looking for an expert who was familiar with the latest marketing strategies. That’s when my friend recommended me to get enrolled in SCU. Initially, I was a little skeptical but when my friend told me how great Tristen’s company was, I agreed to give these guys a try. I shouldn’t have done that. I should have looked for someone who is more experienced and reputed. Instead of relying on my own intelligence, I relied on my friend’s wisdom and made a humongous professional mistake.

SCU doesn’t have much to offer. They only have 2-3 courses but because my friend has praised these guys so much I didn’t do any research before making my decision. I bought the course and they had told me that I will gain access within 2-3 days. This was a big red flag for me but I didn’t think of it much. I thought they are new and it might be a common practice among these course-providers. I hadn’t taken any digital courses of such a high price before so I was a little nervous too. A few days passed but I hadn’t received any updates from these guys regarding my access to the course. I contacted them and it took them a week to give me a reply. They told me there was a technical error but they will release my study material soon. I got the access within a few days after that conversation but when I finally saw the course material, I can’t explain how disappointed I was. All the components of the package were pathetic.

Whenever I tried the live calls I had to wait for hours until I gave up and canceled the call. I only got connected once in my 3-4 calls I had because they only give you one live call per week. Then there were some features which were ‘coming soon’ but I was never told when will I be able to access them. Apart from that, the course didn’t teach me anything new. It was the same old marketing wisdom I was familiar with before. It’s meant for retards. It’s not a digital marketing course or something that will help you boost the growth of your business. It’s a course meant to motivate people who have no hopes in life. However, I don’t think it can lift the spirits of the person too because the tone and words of this course are very bland demeaning. If you lead a normal life, which is fine, this course will make you feel like dirt.

Tristen is a 20-year-old mentally ill person who doesn’t know how to speak. He claims that he has helped numerous companies but there aren’t  any supportive facts out there apart from the testimonials present on his website.

Even his so-called multi-million agencies have terrible online presence. When his own companies lag behind in terms of having a solid reputation on the internet, how can he claim to be some expert? When I did some digging up on Tristen, I realized that he’s a fraudster who relies on false advertising and fake claims to attract customers. After my realization that I had wasted a couple hundred bucks on trash, I tried to find out if his companies are even popular in the industries they work in. I found that they are not. You won’t find many reviews of his different companies on the internet. That’s because no one has even heard of them, let alone avail their services.

There was nothing I could do about the course apart from demand a refund. So I contacted the customer support and asked them if they can issue me a refund. They give you a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the product. To me, it was the only solution possible. Let me tell you one thing, when I had contacted these guys for a refund, I didn’t think of Tristen as a fraudster. I thought he was a normal course-seller whose course was useless for me. Nonetheless, he seemed like an okay businessman to me at that time. I didn’t know that he is a real scammer who has multiple ways of extorting money from his so-called customers.

After I requested a refund from these people, I didn’t get any confirmation from these people. I waited for a few days but I contacted them again because there weren’t many days left in my 30-day period. I still didn’t get any confirmation from them so I gave them a call. The customer support rep told me that they will process my request within a few days and I’ll receive a confirmation soon. I can’t explain how much I’ve grown tired of the term ‘soon’. These guys use it everywhere they can and it’s extremely frustrating. My 30 days had passed but I was confident that I will get a refund because I had placed my request before the deadline. However, I hadn’t received any confirmation so I was a little worried. My fears came true when I called them up and they told me that I’m no longer eligible for the refund. According to them, they hadn’t received any refund requests from me so I’ll have to send them a new one, which meant that I was no longer under the 30-day window.

My frustration reached new heights that day. I also realized by then that Tristen is not an honest businessman. He is not some 20-year-old marketing wiz. No, no, no, he is some lunatic who has created false businesses which run on misleading ads so he can steal money from poor people.

What did I get from his course? I got a learning experience that I should never trust an online business unless I do some research on them myself, I got a couple of hundred dollars deducted from my account, I got a useless course which is not capable of helping anyone, and the most important part, I got high blood pressure because of the painful and frustrating experience I had.


That’s all. Both me and my friend realized that we made huge mistakes by contacting Tristen’s companies. I’m pretty sure that his companies are shams. They are meant to deceive people only. He uses shady business practices for getting customers and making money. Neither his course nor his services are what he claims they are. He relies on false advertising, which is the worst thing any business can do.

I would only say that you should stay as far as possible from this guy and his companies. If you can, you should alert others about this lunatic too. You wouldn’t want your close friends and relatives to have such a painful experience, would you?



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