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Published: 07 October 2019

Posted by: El Willo

Hi I saw this product on TV ads in Telemundo of Puerto Rico and WAPA Puerto Rico, in which they guarantee to persons with overweight and health problems (diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure among others). The product is for weight loss and control or stabilize the emcionada above. Also they say you will lose 15 to 20 pounds a month without diet and exercise NEEDS. Because of my health problems take the initiative, given so much promotion of the product is effective decided to call to purchase. I have no exact date of the call to buy, but I have the receipt and the investment was $ 414.73. Invoice date is 03/07/2011, which page on my Mastercard. The receipt has a note that says all sales are final exchange of merchandise is guaranteed only until 30 days after the date of purchase. Mrs. Celine Ariza was the person responsible for the purchase and my coach, that I make and I guarantee the above. But telling me I should moderate my diet and walking or exercising, which seemed contradictory to me indicating that there is no need to diet or exercise. Mrs. Ariza said he would call me regularly to monitor how was my health treatment and which did not. I purchased the treatment for 6 months and this I assure you that the first month would see the results. Step and the first month followed the foot of the letter todad the instructions to change my diet and exercised. And I have not seen any improvement in my health or my weight, which was 264 pounds and am currently at 266 pounds. As you can see instead of losing weight I’ve gained weight and the effects were that I removed the appetite but always felt an urge to eat. Besides Mrs. treatment Ariza told me to buy green tea and I take oatmeal with water, which would help me down weight and controlling cholesterol. Kit also bought rheumatism according to them, this product is for recostruir tissue, bone pain and Alive damaged. Since Mrs. Ariza me wonder about my health conditions I had, I tell you I have had several accidents and consequences of these fractures and operations and for which I suffer from pain, Mrs. Ariza tell me this product relieve pain and rebuild the damaged tissues. Like Carbo Trap this treatment does not remove the pain I understand that much less I will rebuild the tissues. I have contacted them countless times to let you know that the treatment I have not been effective. And they show me is to acquire new products with them which I refused. In my conversation with them via telephone, Mrs. Ariza assure me that all conversation with them is recorded. I tell them I do not care treatment and the only thing I want is the return of my money absolutely besides I had other expenses. Talk also with other representatives of these told me that any manager would call me to reach a deal which never happened. From which they came forward to tell me not give me back my money that my best option would be to buy a new treatment with them. To conclude, I would make them feel my indignation I feel I’ve been part of a scam. I wonder if you can help and I went to the Department of Consumer Affairs in Puerto Rico (DACO), but it can not but want to help because they have no audit with the company since it was promoted in Puerto Rico but all locations are Florida USA. DACO this web site provided me to make a claim. For any information or response you can write to the email address is [protected]

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