Tylock-George Eye Care

They stoop to levels so low that you and I can’t imagine.

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Published: 27 June 2019

Posted by: Grace

Don’t visit this place. Tylock-George Eye Care is a place run by money-hungry thieves who stop at nothing. Don’t bother to visit this clinic. You’ll only face disappointment and nothing else. They did a negligent surgery on my dad which caused him to undergo another surgery and now he’s getting treated for a different complication. I’m afraid he might lose his ability to see completely because of the negligence of these doctors.

I had taken my dad to this place for cataract surgery. The procedure was supposed to be simple. He got discharged within a day. But then, he started telling me that he saw flashes of light and that his vision was causing problems. We took him to Tylock-George Eye Care again. They told me that he had developed the problem of retinal detachment. If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you, it can make people blind. Dr. Michael was handling it all as if it was nothing. He didn’t seem serious. The staff there told me that it was normal for someone to get retinal detachment after cataract surgery. I didn’t think it was common. That’s because my dad had to undergo second eye surgery for the retinal detachment. It was an emergency. My dad is still facing problems with his vision. It’s clear to me that they weren’t able to perform the surgery properly and now they’ve started saying that eye drops will heal my dad’s condition. The other doctors also say that his condition could be a result of negligence.

I had never thought a simple cataract surgery can lead to so many complications. Like, first my dad developed the problem of retinal detachment and now he had blurry vision for which he needs to get eye drops for a month. I’ve stopped trusting these people. I’ve started visiting another clinic and I did some online research too. These people have a phenomenal online reputation good for them, but I’m pretty sure it’s full of lies. After an experience like mine, I don’t think anyone would give them 5 stars. Imagine my position. My dad’s vision is at stake here. That guy is only 68 and we don’t know if his vision will improve or not. Whenever I ask the doctors at Tylock-George Eye Care, they tell give me vague responses. Dr. Michael had told me that he HOPES my dad’s condition will improve. Now that my dad is getting treatment at another place I’ve been discovering some other truths. The doctors say that the problem of retinal detachment and then the sudden blurriness indicates surgical negligence. It’s clear that it was the mistake of these guys. They don’t say anything because they’re afraid it will damage their reputation. It could be a simple guess but if it’s really the fault of these doctors then they should pay heavily for it. The least they can do is show some empathy or sincerity at least.

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